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Retargeting is Coming to Get You!

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What is Retargeting?

Retargeting is one of the hottest trends in online marketing right now and at DO we use it to help businesses grow. This online marketing technique combines many of the strengths that online marketing offers and puts them into one package. In the hands of a savvy digital marketer retargeting can:
• Hypertarget customers on a product level
• Keep your business in the customer’s mind after they have left the site
• Target just the customers who have shown interest
• Increase conversion and click-through-rates of your ads

Many companies offer this service such as Google (in Google-speak it is called “remarketing”), Retargeter and Fetchback. All these companies basically do the same thing with slight variations to accomplish the same goal.

What is retargeting?
Retargeting is the practice of serving ads to visitors after they have visited your site. When a visitor comes to a page on your site that you have selected to be part of the retargeting campaign, a cookie is placed on the visitor’s browser. This cookie follows the unique visitor as they browse other sites on the internet. When a visitor who has been “cookied” on your site, visits a site that participates in the retargeting network your participate in, your ad is shown to the visitor.

Why is it powerful?
Retargeting is powerful because it combines many of the strengths from other online marketing techniques and combines them into one. It combines the targeting of search engine marketing with the follow up of email campaigns.

The best way to understand the power of retargeting is with an example. Imagine you have an online clothing store that serves a variety of customers both male and female. In this online clothing store during a five minute period you receive two visitor, neither of which make an immediate purchase. The first visitor is a male who browses the sports t-shirt section of the site and clicks through to browse the Red Sox t shirt section of the site. He likes what he sees, but is just browsing and decides not to make a transaction. The second visitor to your site is a woman who browses the sundresses portion of the site. She is also a fan of what she sees but is at work and doesn’t want to get out her credit card so also no transaction.

Without retargeting the sale is lost, however see the difference when retargeting enters the equation. As the male browses the internet later that week he is served with ads of Red Sox shirts form your store. He sees the ads on his favorite sites, and this constant reminder makes him more comfortable with your brand. Eventually he just decides “I’ll buy it” – it is there and he likes it, he just needed to be reminded.
The female visitor is served with sundress ads for your store as she browses the web. She browses the web for many different reasons and sometimes is in a shopping mood and sometimes is not. Your ad is served up often and catches her when she is in a shopping mood. She remembers that she liked the dress, is now familiar with the brand, and decides to purchase the dress.

As you can see, the constant reminder to these customers of products that they are interested in is a powerful way to drive sales.

About us:
We do digital marketing and love strategy. If you are interested in learning more about a retargeting campaign, please contact us.

Case Study – Social Media Rockstar

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Social Media Rockstar was an idea that was manifested into what we would say was the perfect storm.

Content + Design + Technology + Marketing = Digital Marketing

Our team created this in one day and released via Twitter. We wrapped the page link with so we could track click throughs in addition to phonecalls to Google Voice phone#, website visitors via Google Analytics and even phonecalls to our San Diego office for those unsuspecting folks that just didn’t get it.

So based on our open, transparent culture; we’re going to go ahead and share all that juicy data with you.

Creating the conversation is the central goal for any social media marketing these days, so let’s take a look at what was being said about Social Media Rockstar.

I hope you found this case study useful, insightful or just interesting. Look forward to our next holiday campaign coming to a theater near you!

Souplantation – Learn about their recipe for social media success

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What’s the difference between a traditional marketing plan and a marketing plan that integrates social media? It means more exposure, but more importantly it means better exposure if used correctly. Most of us know how powerful a marketing campaign can be by integrating social media into it. A lot of content is out there on the web regarding this hot topic, so we are surrounded with information about what it is, how to use it, when to use it etc. etc. It’s incredibly validating to see company’s, big and small using social media and making it a point to set aside funds specifically for this new channel.

This up-coming session at Social Media Breakfast San Diego> we have the pleasure of having, Ginger Anderson and Erika DiProfio from Souplantation coming to speak about:
1. How they have utilized social media, but more specifically how it’s been successful
2. How they’ve incorporated social media into other aspects of their marketing like Public Relations
3. How to establish a two way communication with their customers
4. How they’ve built up customer loyalty

Social media is not just a tool to help get your message out there, it’s a means to create long lasting relationships. It’s a way to connect with others not only by listening to the feedback you get, but by responding to it. We’re excited to hear about how Souplantation makes these connections at the next breakfast and hope some of you can join us for it. You can follow Souplantation on Twitter @Souplantation. Our next session is September 16, 2009 at the Milano Coffee Company in Mission Valley, CA from 7:30am-9:00am. There will be lots of pastries and coffee.

How can you turn down social media with a side of pastries and coffee?
For more information contact Erin on Twitter

Social Media Breakfast San Diego

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How can you start a morning off better than with with pastries, coffee and a great conversation about social media? Since Digital Operative has taken over Social Media Breakfast San Diego, once a month we do just that.  It’s been a really neat experience so far with lots of great feedback, insight and general comments from group members and speakers surrounding this new buzz word.  Since social media is, well, pretty much the greatest thing since sliced bread these days, being given the opportunity to be part of this organization I feel extremely fortunate and have learned quit a bit.

Every month for part of the breakfast we go over a top 10 list about the latest and greatest going on in social media.  I’m always surprised when doing my research.  Every month trumps the one prior.  From Oprah to Ashton Kutcher Vs. CNN to Dominos pizza hiring someone whose sole purpose is to Twitter.  People and companies everywhere are integrating some form of social media into their marketing plan, but it is interesting to see how if used a certain way, it can either make you or break you, and developing the right strategies is as significant as any other part of your marketing.

Being a part of this organization I’ve been able to hear about some of the struggles and road blocks people face in their marketing strategies and it’s always fascinating to hear what members come up with regarding how to tackle those issues using social media.  Listening to members discuss the problems they’re faced with and the tactics they used to solve those problems has been an incredible chance to learn about the newest strategies out there and to see where it’s working, when it’s working and why it’s working.

Since we have taken over this organization, our group has grown by over 40 people. That’s new people! We are excited to see these new faces and hope to continue growing over the coming months.

World Water Week 09

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The Tap Project began in New York City with a simple basic concept and that concept has become a powerful cause. World Water Week 09 is a campaign helping to bring clean and safe drinking water to millions of children in need all around the world.  Since 2007, this campaign has grown into a national cause.  The goal of this project is to raise awareness and funds that will help UNICEF’s efforts to save millions of children’s lives. Beginning March 22-28, restaurants nation wide will ask their customers to donate $1 for tap water that would ordinarily be free when they dine out. That $1 will provide 1 child with safe and clean drinking water for 40 days.

San Diego TAP ProjectSan Diego TAP – This year Fishtank Brand Advertising, founders of the San Diego campaign, has given Digital Operative the privilege to help drive awareness and engagement for the campaign in San Diego through all digital marketing channels including mobile with Txt4TAP and social media with Facebook, Twitter, local/national bloggers and even creating offline events. Here are the many ways you can support SDTAP and get involved:




Campaign Info:

Endorsements: Sam the cooking guy

Any contribution is a step forward and We hope to see you at some of the events!

SEO For The Ones Who Don’t Know

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Optimizing your site using the right approach,
Is the subject I’m going to broach.
There are certain things you should implement during this process
If you follow these basic steps, you should expect nothing less.
Your site will optimize without a doubt,
If you follow this route.

Keywords and phrases is where you want to start.
If you don’t do your research, this is where you and I should part.
Pick the ones that focus on your niche.
General phrases will probably make a glitch
Pick specific words that compete with fewer sites,
Eventually you’ll stop beating your head like you do most nights.

Title Tags, Meta Tags and content should be a priority on your list.
Whoever manages these things, you should threaten with your fist.
Probably the most important factor in organic SEO.
Pay no attention to this and I’m certain your site will be a no go.
Keyword density should be between 3-5%.
Avoid Keyword stuffing, that’s what I meant.
Your content should have a natural flow.
Make sure you’ve added enough keywords though.
Each page of your site should have its own Title Tag.
This is not an area you want to treat like an old rag.
Tags should be built around keywords specific to a page.
Even Meta Tags count, even though it’s not all the rage.

Inbound link development is an important step.
Don’t fight this. It’s something you should just accept.
This is probably the most difficult and time consuming technique,
But it’s a good long term strategy. Wink, wink!
Factors that influence your rankings are,
Relevancy of the site linking back to you shouldn’t be sub-par,
And the anchor text to your sites link,
Can surely make you sink.
Do your research to partner with sites that will benefit you.
You’ll thank me once you realize this is not just a rue.

Your goal is to increase the number of visitors and leads,
By giving Google’s bot what it needs.
The search engines top 10 ranking is where you want to be.
It won’t happen by begging on your knees.
Getting pages indexed in each major search engine is tough,
But if you follow my steps, it might just be enough.

The Rules of Virtual Engagement

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New York City is one of the worlds most crowded cities with the worlds most crowded streets. We walk those streets together engaging in certain social norms. Some make eye contact with each other or pass a quick semi-smile to acknowledge the presence of the other. Some completely ignore each other. Some may act like they own the street, and some take things a step further by making sure you know they are in a rush and to stay clear of their way. Others may show interest in you in some way and then poof; suddenly two strangers are in the middle of a conversation. At this point both of you make a decision whether you like one another and feel the need to continue talking or go on your merry way. Maybe you’ll become life long friends and paradoxically maybe you’ll never see each other again. Either way there is a social process already established that we intuitively know to practice while engaging each other and if we deviate we’re flustered and taken back.

The World Wide Web, more specifically the land of Twitter is a fun and interesting place to virtually walk the crowded streets. So what are the virtual social norms we should and should not follow? Is the process of social engagement any different from the rules we practice in person? We chose the people we want to engage with on Twitter in a number of ways. Here are a few:

  1. Profile scan – We look at their profile and are either interested or not in what they have to say.
  2. Referral – We look to see who our friends are following because if they’re following someone, then I must want to follow that individual.
  3. Work – They’ll provide some connections you wouldn’t otherwise be privileged to and vice versa.
  4. Popularity – You are indifferent about someone and just want to increase the number of followers you have.
  5. Promote – Essentially you believe it’s a good way to advertise yourself.

Essentially we are making virtual friends and connections the same way we do in person. So why would the social process be any different? Would you barge into a stranger’s home because you have something brilliant (at least you think so), to share with them? No, hopefully you would knock at the door. They either let you in or not.

The way we engage one another on Twitter, feels like we are answering a knock at the door or trying to deal with people who are barging in.  When someone comments on a random thought you wrote about, it feels pretty good because you feel that person is showing interest in you. Inevitably you show interest back by commenting on something they’ve written. So not only have you answered the door and let them in, now you probably would like them to stay for dinner, so to speak.

What I’ve learned so far with my experience on Twitter, and feel to be true overall, is that people like to be engaged by others who have a genuine interest in them.  For myself I can say that I love connecting with others, meeting new people and learning from them.  Twitter is a great place to do that, but when others trying to connect with you are doing so only to promote themselves (and it’s obvious when they are), the concept of establishing a relationship loses it’s value.

I just recently got a direct message that said  “thanks for following me, how can I help you?”, with a link to her blog. This person has no interest in me. That is obvious. She was more interested in promoting herself. I feel that If you try to spend the time getting to know someone, they’ll know it, appreciate it and a real connection will be established.

Knock on some doors, start a conversation, and don’t barge in.

You can find me on Twitter here: @erinlevenson

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