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W3 Awards 2015 Ecommerce Websites

Digital Operative Wins W3 Awards for Ecommerce Websites

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Digital Operative has kicked off its award season with two (2) Silver W3 Awards for its ecommerce websites for GSI Outdoors and Soccerloco, both in the same consumer category and powered by the Magento commerce platform. Both of these awards were earned by the teams involved and the individuals who worked hard at every phase of each project. Congrats to the DO team and our client partners.

GSI Outdoorsview website









Soccerlocoview website

About the W³ Awards:

The W³ Awards honors creative excellence on the web, and recognizes the people behind award-winning sites, marketing programs, social content, mobile site/apps and online video. In honoring the best of the Web, the W³ Awards is the first major web competition to be accessible to the biggest agencies, the smallest firms, and everyone in between. Small firms are as likely to win as Fortune 500 companies and international agencies. In its tenth year the W³ Awards received over 5,000 entries from Ad agencies, Public Relations Firms, Interactive Agencies, In-house creative professionals, Web Designers, Graphic Designers and Web Enthusiasts.


Meet The Team: Alexa Herrera

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Meet Alexa Herrera:

Alexa Herrera is Digital Operative’s Senior Web Developer. She has been working with the team for over two years and every day makes DO a brighter place to work. Ever since she programmed her first text game at 12 years old, she knew she loved to code. But, It wasn’t until 2010 that she realized she could turn that love into a successful career — She’s been writing code professionally ever since (and for fun of course!), and loving every minute of it. When Alexa isn’t coding in the office, she is foosing it up with the best of ‘em, winning one foosball game at a time!

Let’s get to know Alexa a little better with RAPID FIRE:

  • Website You Visit The Most: Reddit (way too much)
  • iPhone or Android: Android
  • Favorite Phone App: Instagram
  • Favorite Industry related Website: Stackoverflow — it has helped me more times that I can count
  • If you could only visit one website for the rest of your life, what site would that be? Reddit….of course
  • Something you say frequently: Awesomesauce!
  • First thing you do when you get to the office: Make myself coffee
  • If you could have any job in the world, what would it be: This one!
  • How Do you take your coffee: In Latte form, please!
  • Fun Fact about yourself: I was born in Costa Rica and have lived in 4 different US states
  • Favorite thing to do on a Saturday: Hang out with my dog, garden and work on my side projects.
Digital Operative Makes INC5000 - 2nd Year Straight

Digital Operative Makes INC5000 Second Year Straight

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This is one of those milestones that provides you with a “proud moment.” A moment that you want to share with your whole team, but also your friends, family and colleagues. It’s a badge of honor that validates that you’ve surrounded yourself with some bright people who are also passionate about the same things as you from a professional standpoint. It’s a reminder that you are DOing what you love. When you receive this big packet and open it, you get a bit caught up in all the things that brought you to this point. They include a piece that goes like this:

As an Inc. 5000 honoree, you now share a pedigree with Intuit, Zappos, Under Armour, Microsoft, Jamba Juice, Timberland, Clif Bar, Pandora, Patagonia, Oracle, and other notable alumni. The 2015 list added such powerhouses as Fitbit, Smashburger, Bowlmor AMF, Planet Fitness,, Radio Flyer, Box and Mindbody. You are in good company – which is exactly where you belong.

As you read the above brands and companies, you know you’re sitting in great company.

I want to say I’m proud of our team and again, like I’ve already done on Facebook, thank each and every friend, family member and colleague who has supported Digital Operative on this journey. And oh yea … it’s not over yet. We are going to continue to do great work, solve the challenges that come our way and introduce new team members into the DO family, as we’ve always been DOing.

Thank you.

Digital Operative - Hiring

WANTED: Dog Loving, Foosball Winning, Web Analyst

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We are an award-winning Digital Agency is searching for a full-time Web Analyst to support our growing team that understands marketing fundamentals and has hands-on experience in providing actual insights that drive business decisions. You will be working with our digital marketing team across channels to collaborate on data and determine where the opportunities are and how they can best be addressed. Here are some of the scenarios you’ll be placed in: setting up Google/Universal Analytics (with the help of a developer), analyzing data and forging recommendations, looking into alternative attribution models, evaluating the efficacy of a multi-variant test, etc.


  • Lead developers during set up of highly customized Google Analytics installation

  • Create client reporting each week/month and write accompanying analysis

  • Evaluate multi-variant tests and find statistically significant treatments

  • Come up with new methods for getting at obfuscated data in Google/Universal analytics

  • Recommend new tests based on the data

  • Build dashboards and custom reports for clients

  • Contribute content to the agency blog and newsletter


The ability to segment data and interpret findings into actionable business ideas, marketing strategies or user experience testing.

  • 2-4 years of heavy Google Analytics experience

  • Certified Google Analytics and/or AdWords

  • Good understanding of Google Tag Manager

  • Good understanding of SEO, Moz and Google Webmaster Tools

  • Experience building PowerPoint or Keynote presentations

  • Advanced Excel skills (ie. Pivot tables, vlookups, data visualization)

  • Utilized Optimizely in the past

  • Have explored alternative attribution models

  • Understands conversion segments and how to apply them

  • Have used Custom Variables / Dimensions

  • Ecommerce Experience ++

  • Universal Analytics +++


  • Adwords certification and campaign management experience

  • FBX Knowledge

To Apply – Please send us a cover letter, salary requirements, and resume 

Apply Now


Wanted: Senior Web and Visual Designer

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Calling all Senior Web/Visual Designer’s – We’re looking for someone who will thrive in a collaborative environment and bring even more passion to our award-winning team. Our ideal Senior Visual Designer will blend art & science of their craft to create memorable user experiences and beautiful pieces of art, no matter the platform or device — Someone who can deliver innovative and above-par designs, who isn’t afraid to push the boundaries.


  • Minimum 4+ years design experience preferably in an interactive agency, designing websites, branding campaigns, and/or products
  • Expert skills in Adobe Creative Suite and advanced command of standard design and layout applications (e.g. PhotoShop, Illustrator, InDesign) and HTML and style sheets
  • Ability to enhance current design processes and can develop tools and recommendations to improve current processes that can help to impact client deliverables
  • Strong understanding of user interface principles and usability practices
  • Strong understanding of current web standards and best practices
  • Excellent written and oral communication
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, a positive attitude, a sense of humor and the ability to thrive in a collaborative agency environment with multi-disciplinary teams.
  • Experience working one on one with clients, ability to communicate and present design concepts effectively
  • Self-motivated and ability to hit deadlines
  • Continuous thirst for creative experiences and knowledge that can be translated back to DO and keeps your ideas and perspective fresh

Responsibilities and skills required:

  • Knowledge HTML, CSS, Flash and/or Javascript
  • Experience with mobile and tablet user interfaces for iPhone and Android as well responsive web design
  • Ability to create and design mood boards, concept sketches, presentation decks or storyboards as needed
  • Expert at concepting with demonstrated competent knowledge of client’s business objectives, brand, consumer and competitive landscape to be able to articulate meaningful design ideas.
  • Understands the creative direction set forth for each project and develops work that supports that direction.
  • Ability to articulate creative concepts both internally and externally
  • Solid understanding of the digital landscape, especially ecommerce websites, immersive and personalized online experiences, online campaigns, social media and mobile.
  • Able to and contribute and maintain style guides/online design libraries to accompany final deliverables.
  • Researches and reviews suitable illustrations, photography or stock photos and sound.
  • Ability to work respectfully and collaboratively with other project team members, with a clear understanding of how a project team operates, their responsibilities throughout a project
  • Strong Digital Design Portfolio

Did we mention we are an award winning agency?

LCD MQ IC 7diamonds

If you’re still interested and meet the qualifications above, apply now and become part of the DO team!

Apply Now

Alyssa Aguilar

Why Did Her Internship Come To An End So Quickly?

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Unfortunately it’s that time of year again and we have to say “see you later”, or Social <Media Intern finished her internship right before Christmas and is on to other adventures and learning experiences.  In this post, we will recap Alyssa’s experience with DO. She started 12 weeks ago  and wrote about what she hoped to achieve in our series, 12 weeks – what it’s really like to intern for a digital agency. We asked Alyssa to answer a few questions about her experience and this is what she had to say:

Wait no…it’s over already?! (insert sad emoji face) My time here at DO as a Social Media Intern has been everything I thought it would be and so much more! I am very grateful for such an opportunity. Sad that my journey as an intern has ended, but definitely cherishing all the memories and taking all the knowledge with me!

1. How would you define Digital Marketing? and how was your role crucial to the success of the Agency?

Digital Marketing to me is connecting and creating customer relationships along all digital channels – whether it be the blog, social media or website. I was the social media intern and my duties were to create content for the blog, handle the social media platforms, brainstorm in meetings for marketing campaigns, and everything in between.

2. Who were your mentors at DO and How did you like working with them?

I’ve learned and taken something from everyone that works at DO, and of course Nikki. She’s passionate about marketing, and great at what she does — I was really lucky to shadow her work and have her as a mentor. How did I like working with her? I loved it! I was able to get my hands into some deep marketing projects and she assisted the whole way. Thank you Nikki!

3.  What did you learn from your internship?

I’ve learned all about social media marketing, ranging from each social platform to analytics to blogging. I’ve always liked to write and DO gave me the freedom to get creative and publish pieces for the blog which is where I learned a lot about my expressive side.

I also learned that the agency life is the way to go too!

4. You’re finished……How do you feel about completing your internship?

I’m proud of myself for finishing strong, but yet it’s bittersweet because my weekly routine has come to an end. I met some really talented people who work at DO…including the interns!

5. Do you still want to go down the same career path after you graduate? Why/Why not?

I don’t think my passion for Marketing and Sales is going anywhere anytime soon. I am still very interested in working in either field once I graduate.

6. What was your favorite part about working with DO?

Being an intern with DO, my favorite part was the extensive amount of learning, about anything and everything I wanted! If I wanted to understand something more in depth, Nikki would direct me to the person to go to, or even set up a meeting for me to meet with whoever I wanted.

7. Would you recommend the internship program to your classmates?

In a heartbeat! I’m always so proud to say who I’ve interned for and why my friends and classmates should be interested too!

8. What were a few of your favorite memories while interning for DO?

My favorite memories are all the opportunities I was given, as well as helping Shannon decorate for the holidays, the Halloween Costume party, chatting with the interns, and of course getting experience in marketing! Also the dogs, who can’t forget all their cute faces! I’ll miss them!


Thank you Alyssa for all of your hard-work during your internship. We know you’ll be successful wherever you go and we hope you’re having a blast in Europe.

SAY San Diego

Tis The Season To DO Good!

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It’s that time of the year again! Everyone starts thinking about hot cocoa, holiday music, and the time of giving! Last year Digital Operative gave back by partnering up with Toys For Tots and everyone in the office donated gifts for children.

This year DO is DOing good and getting into the holiday spirit by partnering up with SAY to help out 30 refugee families living in the poorest sections of San Diego. Shannon D’Orsi our Director of Culture, summed up DO’s holiday giving, “As a local San Diego Company we think it is important to give back to the people in our community who ultimately help to shape and make San Diego the vital and vibrant place that many of us call home.”

SAY is a nonprofit organization that was established in 1971 to help 30,000 people ranging from children, families, and communities to overcome barriers and create opportunities. Families and individuals become involved with SAY by contacting the organization directly, and some referred by schools, courts, law enforcement, or community organizations.

The families that DO will be assisting this year are The Karen People of Southern Burma. These families are from refugee camps in Thailand who have been involved in a war for independence since 1949. They speak little English and are transitioning to a whole new culture. There is no safety net for them as they are mainstreamed into urban life. Children are placed into the education system in San Diego, and expected to keep up with other students. “These are very resilient people trying to do well in difficult conditions and can use all the support that can be given.”

The office already has a Christmas tree up with tags as ornaments that say what the families most need, and seeing each one taken as the days go by is heartwarming.

We hope others join us in choosing to make this holiday season special for friends, family and especially those less fortunate.

This year, you too can help donate in the slightest ways to make the biggest difference. Find the closest toy drop off for Toys for Tots to donate your gifts, and/or search for volunteer opportunities. If you would like to get involved with SAY, they have plenty of ways to give back, ranging from donations, volunteer work, helping families directly, and much more!

Digital Operative Careers

Do You Like Unlimited Vacation? Apply For Our Senior PHP/Magento Developer Role!

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Digital Operative is a fast-paced, energetic digital agency located in San Diego. We are hiring for a Senior PHP/Magento Developer, to add on to our very strong technical team for the growth of our organization. We are looking for someone who is passionate and excited about the latest and greatest technologies. You’ll be learning our existing methodologies and applying your own to ensure that DO is producing best-in-class technologies on all of its products. You will get your hands dirty working on web, mobile, and ecommerce. We offer a very friendly and encouraging atmosphere for you to ideate and develop your skills. You will be working with very qualified and experienced pool of people to drive products. Candidate is required to have strong interpersonal skills with ability to work and deliver.

DO is one of the fastest growing businesses in San Diego. We pride ourselves on our collaborative environment that values fun as much as the bottom line. This is your chance to be part of an exciting and passionate team of Doers.

Apply Now

  •  Comfortable trouble shooting critical production issues
  •  Ability to produce clean, well-documented, efficient, and standards-compliant code with an eye towards performance optimization
  • Define, design, develop, integrate, test, deploy, maintain, troubleshoot, and enhance applications and tools written in PHP, C#, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Drupal and other languages as necessary
  • Write secure code and exercise good judgment in handling sensitive data
  • Embrace emerging standards while promoting best practices
  • Maintaining a high awareness of industry issues and trends, particularly in regard to accessibility, usability, and emerging technologies; keep team members informed as appropriate, with a view to incorporating these in future projects
  • Writing technical software requirements as needed
  • Implementing and maintain implementation of Magento best practices
  • Evaluate developer code quality and provide input for performance evaluations
  • Mentoring Junior Developers as needed
  • Understanding client short and long term goals and recommending a solution
  • Setting up, configuring and optimizing enterprise level ecommerce software and servers
  • Developing custom modules for integration into ERP, accounting, fulfillment and marketing systems
  • Integrating user interface designs, flows and processes
  • Paying attention to software development process practiced by the team and help improve it so we deliver products on time with quality
  • Foster a culture of continuous improvement by learning, applying and educating team on software best practices.
Required Skills

* 5-7 years of experience building scalable robust web or ecommerce applications

  • LAMP
  • PHP/PHP5
  • Experience Setting up and configuring: MySQL, Apache, APC and Memcached
  • CSS/CSS3 and J-Query
  • XML
  • AJAX
  • Javascript
  • Zend Framework
  • Linux
Desired Skills
  • Magento Developer Certification
  • In-depth knowledge of PCI compliance and other e-commerce industry topics
  • Knowledge of optimization, caching, and scaling techniques
  • Multi-website, store view deployment
If you’re qualified for this role, let us tell you why you would want to work for Digital Operative:
  • Collaborative work environment
  • Modern office space
  • Team lunches
  • Free snacks and drinks (coffee and energy drinks!)
  • Plethora of whiteboards
  • Foosball
  • Internal project time
  • Flex-time
  • Progressive vacation policy
  • Pet friendly
  • Paid holidays
  • Company events
  • Health and dental benefits.
Digital Operative Careers

Become the Next DOer – We’re Hiring

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We are an award winning full service digital agency, and we offer our employees insane perks: Unlimited vacation/Sick time, Volunteer hours, company outings, fully stocked kitchen and more. If you looking for a job as a Project Manager, Magento Developer or UX designer, you can stop the search because we have the perfect job for you.

Magento Developer

As a Magento Developer, you will be expected to be passionate and energetic about cutting edge technologies. Not only will you learn existing methodologies, but you will be implementing your own know-how to ensure that DO is producing the best-in-class technologies on all of its products. Be prepared to roll up your sleeves, as you will work with web, mobile and ecommerce. You are expected to work collaboratively with system engineers, back-end developers and user experience designers throughout the process. Click here to apply.

Project Manager

The Project Manager has an eye for detail, always considers a client’s goals, a capacity to juggle schedules and the passion for setting the right expectations. Your day-to-day activities could include: writing business and technical requirements, reviewing/altering multiple project schedules, and project planning with clients and internal teams. The Project Manager will also be responsible for working with cross-functional team members and ensuring projects get delivered on-time and on-budget. This role will be split 60% between technology and 40% to marketing. Click here to apply.

UX Designer

Create user centered designs while balancing the fine line between business goals and intimate understanding of the user and their needs. Create high fidelity wireframes, low fidelity prototypes, user flows and user personas. Work closely with cross functional teams and collaborate with designers and developers to create the best user experience possible. Advocate for the user in all phases of design. Working knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite. And have understanding of and ability to execute on best practices for web and mobile e-commerce solutions as well as responsive design. Click here to apply.

Follow the links to apply for the above jobs or send your resume, cover letter, required salary (must be included) and your portfolio (if applicable) to attn: Shannon at: For more information, be sure to check out our website. We appreciate your interest in our company!


apple announcement

Apple Announcement – September 9, 2014

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Finally, after months and months of speculation, today was the big day. Apple announced the new iPhone 6/6 Plus and the very first Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch (which is not called an iWatch, contrary to all the rumors) will be available early 2015. Tim Cook says, “This will be the most personable tech piece that we’ve ever created,” mostly because it’s the only actual piece Apple has created that is wearable. Just like an actual iPhone, you will be able to make calls, send text messages, use some apps (Twitter, american Airlines, Starwood, etc.) and keep track of your fitness. Although you have to own a 5 generation iPhone or later to use the Apple Watch, it is the first of it’s kind and may be well worth the wait.

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:


Topping the list of new and updated features of the iPhone 6/6 Plus is the larger retina display screen, coming in at 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches respectively. It’s also a thinner, rounder, sleeker version than any of the previous 9 iPhones that have come to service. And lets not forget the best feature of the newer generation of iPhones….the front facing camera burst mode. Creating a sort of rapid-fire selfie, so you have multiple shots to chose from.

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

But, why does any of this matter to us at Digital Operative? Besides the fact that we are all tech nerds and like to see the latest and greatest — This new iphone could be of benefit to our clients in the ecommerce space. How so? With the new Apple Pay and a faster processor and internet connection, this could lead to fewer cart abandonments and more instinct purchases…after all with the Apple Pay, you don’t need to go for your wallet or purse to pull out your credit card, it’s all stored in your phone.


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