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Where does Email Marketing Stand

Is Email Really Dead?

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In short: absolutely not. And if you are one who thinks it is on the downhill path, think again. Email marketing is extremely effective and it is here to stay. Businesses that choose to not spend the time or money on email marketing are losing out on a huge portion of potential profits. Why might you ask? Here are just a few reasons.


Connecting and building relationships with customers is so important in today’s world. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are great platforms for making those interactions, so why bother adding email to the list? Email marketing is a great strategy to acquire those connections and relationships, while making sure each message is personalized and reaches the customer directly.

When a customer feels valued by a company they are more likely to take their business there, which is why personalization is so important. Simply adding the customer’s name to a message will make them feel more worthy than receiving a conventional email. Also, differentiating your company’s email list into sections will help keep messages personalized to each customer’s personal taste. Compiling those with similar interests into their own list will help with sending only the relevant messages to each potential buyer.

Mailigen infographic

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I’m sure it has happened to you, as it has happened to everyone. You were online shopping, added some items to the cart, and then decided to not buy them for one reason or another. Later on, you received an email reminding you of your recent cart additions. You probably went back onto the website, shopped around some more, and completed your purchase. This is all about retargeting; a great influential tool to bringing customers back to your site. Just a simple, yet specifically targeted reminder to draw the potential buyer’s attention will bring in more traffic to your website and results in more purchases.

Cost Effective

Email marketing is extremely affordable in the realm of marketing investments. In fact, each message costs just pennies to make. What can be better than that? Nothing? Think again. Not only is it incredibly cheap to send emails, but also it is also incredibly effective. According to an article on Campaign Monitor, email marketing generates $38 in ROI for every $1 spent. Now, if you don’t see that being beneficial, I think you may have lost your mind.

Marketing Tactics for 2015

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Brand Awareness

Almost everyone uses email and people are constantly checking their inboxes for new messages. According to McKinsey & Company, 28% of the time employees are at work is spent checking and working on emails, so why not maximize on this time? Even if the message is not opened, putting your company’s name in front of the customer keeps your company in mind for later. Plus, what’s there to lose since they’re quick to make at practically no cost.

The arguments over email marketing need to come to an end. While above are only a few reasons, it is still clear that email marketing should not be overlooked. With such clear, positive results, there should be no question whether the implementation is worth the cost. Feel free to contact us to find out how to improve your email marketing strategy.

Holiday-PPC and SEO Checklist

Ready, Set, Go – PPC & Email Holiday Checklist

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Have you thought about all the appropriate messaging needed to make sure your holiday promotions and sales go off without a hitch? We recently put together a list of the 5 things you must DO to ensure a successful holiday season and now we have created a messaging checklist to go along with it.

Below are two checklists for some of our “Must-DO” messaging for PPC and Email to help aid in your Holiday success:



If you have any questions or want more guidance with your PPC and/or email marketing messaging please don’t hesitate to drop us a line.


Retargeting is Coming to Get You!

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What is Retargeting?

Retargeting is one of the hottest trends in online marketing right now and at DO we use it to help businesses grow. This online marketing technique combines many of the strengths that online marketing offers and puts them into one package. In the hands of a savvy digital marketer retargeting can:
• Hypertarget customers on a product level
• Keep your business in the customer’s mind after they have left the site
• Target just the customers who have shown interest
• Increase conversion and click-through-rates of your ads

Many companies offer this service such as Google (in Google-speak it is called “remarketing”), Retargeter and Fetchback. All these companies basically do the same thing with slight variations to accomplish the same goal.

What is retargeting?
Retargeting is the practice of serving ads to visitors after they have visited your site. When a visitor comes to a page on your site that you have selected to be part of the retargeting campaign, a cookie is placed on the visitor’s browser. This cookie follows the unique visitor as they browse other sites on the internet. When a visitor who has been “cookied” on your site, visits a site that participates in the retargeting network your participate in, your ad is shown to the visitor.

Why is it powerful?
Retargeting is powerful because it combines many of the strengths from other online marketing techniques and combines them into one. It combines the targeting of search engine marketing with the follow up of email campaigns.

The best way to understand the power of retargeting is with an example. Imagine you have an online clothing store that serves a variety of customers both male and female. In this online clothing store during a five minute period you receive two visitor, neither of which make an immediate purchase. The first visitor is a male who browses the sports t-shirt section of the site and clicks through to browse the Red Sox t shirt section of the site. He likes what he sees, but is just browsing and decides not to make a transaction. The second visitor to your site is a woman who browses the sundresses portion of the site. She is also a fan of what she sees but is at work and doesn’t want to get out her credit card so also no transaction.

Without retargeting the sale is lost, however see the difference when retargeting enters the equation. As the male browses the internet later that week he is served with ads of Red Sox shirts form your store. He sees the ads on his favorite sites, and this constant reminder makes him more comfortable with your brand. Eventually he just decides “I’ll buy it” – it is there and he likes it, he just needed to be reminded.
The female visitor is served with sundress ads for your store as she browses the web. She browses the web for many different reasons and sometimes is in a shopping mood and sometimes is not. Your ad is served up often and catches her when she is in a shopping mood. She remembers that she liked the dress, is now familiar with the brand, and decides to purchase the dress.

As you can see, the constant reminder to these customers of products that they are interested in is a powerful way to drive sales.

About us:
We do digital marketing and love strategy. If you are interested in learning more about a retargeting campaign, please contact us.

Email Marketing + Social Media = Execution

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Whenever you see something for the first time there’s this glitz and glamor associated with it. In this case, I opened my email from Nike like any other day and this time I found a cornucopia of tools embedded into one section in the lower right corner. Nike was trying to enable their customers to “share” their email within their own network of friends, family and co-workers. You can see in the image below that they’ve adopted the ShareThis button and chose to display Facebook, Myspace, Email and Digg. Assuming those are the most popular in terms of social media market share; Nike was on the right path.

So like any curious customer who also happens to have co-founded a digital marketing agency; I clicked on one of the little icons. I was then brought to the following page below, which is simply a static version of the original email. There’s one catch. There is the ShareThis window overlayed so you can scroll through to your favorite social media bookmarking websites and social networking websites or email to all your friends.

I figured why not. I tried a couple scenarios and here is what happened …

Twitter -Their link for Twitter went to a 404 page.

Facebook – The link they were enabling me to post didn’t work and the whole Facebook experience was horrible. Why not just use Facebook connect guys? (See one of my previous posts about how Nike could use Facebook Connect)

Email – The email I received was poorly structured and again, the link didn’t work.

Conclusion: If you’re going to jump with both feet in the water, make sure you can swim. Nike’s attempt is valiant, but it lacks the planning and execution that is required when you start integrating email marketing with social media. Yeah you have to hard code in the sharing buttons and links, but at least test them. In this case, I would recommend that Nike use something like Facebook connect if they really want people to syndicate things there, their own custom email form for sending via email and Twitthis for sharing on Twitter. One of things we feel is our duty at Digital Operative is to ensure that our clients are using the right technologies and tools. If you are planning to mix email marketing and social media, make sure you plan it out, test everything out and then track to see if your audience is even using these tools.

SEO For The Ones Who Don’t Know

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Optimizing your site using the right approach,
Is the subject I’m going to broach.
There are certain things you should implement during this process
If you follow these basic steps, you should expect nothing less.
Your site will optimize without a doubt,
If you follow this route.

Keywords and phrases is where you want to start.
If you don’t do your research, this is where you and I should part.
Pick the ones that focus on your niche.
General phrases will probably make a glitch
Pick specific words that compete with fewer sites,
Eventually you’ll stop beating your head like you do most nights.

Title Tags, Meta Tags and content should be a priority on your list.
Whoever manages these things, you should threaten with your fist.
Probably the most important factor in organic SEO.
Pay no attention to this and I’m certain your site will be a no go.
Keyword density should be between 3-5%.
Avoid Keyword stuffing, that’s what I meant.
Your content should have a natural flow.
Make sure you’ve added enough keywords though.
Each page of your site should have its own Title Tag.
This is not an area you want to treat like an old rag.
Tags should be built around keywords specific to a page.
Even Meta Tags count, even though it’s not all the rage.

Inbound link development is an important step.
Don’t fight this. It’s something you should just accept.
This is probably the most difficult and time consuming technique,
But it’s a good long term strategy. Wink, wink!
Factors that influence your rankings are,
Relevancy of the site linking back to you shouldn’t be sub-par,
And the anchor text to your sites link,
Can surely make you sink.
Do your research to partner with sites that will benefit you.
You’ll thank me once you realize this is not just a rue.

Your goal is to increase the number of visitors and leads,
By giving Google’s bot what it needs.
The search engines top 10 ranking is where you want to be.
It won’t happen by begging on your knees.
Getting pages indexed in each major search engine is tough,
But if you follow my steps, it might just be enough.

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