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Digital Valentine’s Day

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For years the best way to celebrate Valentine’s day was to be like Ralph Wiggum, and simply give the girl or guy you like a card with a picture of a train on it that says “I choo -choo choose you”.  However, digital advancements have revolutionized the way Valentine’s Day is experienced. No longer must distance, time or money stand between you and your own Veronica Vaughn. Gifts purchased digitally often last longer, are calorie free, and can be purchased at the last minute. This article looks at three ways to enhance your celebration of  Valentine’s Day this year by using digital advances and the pro’s and con’s associated with each.

1. Gift an App

Don’t want to buy flowers – get your love an app! According to idownloadblog Apple has launched a Valentine’s Day Gift Guide, which points you in the right direction for apps to give for Valentine’s Day.  This is not purely a nice gesture on Apple’s part, this promotion is in connection with the app gifting feature which Apple is hawking right now. There is an app for almost any interest so as long as your partner has an Apple product there will be something for them.


  • Instant delivery
  • Unlike chocolate there is no calories and hence no guilt
  • It was last forever. You don’t have to worry about the App dying like your flowers will


  • You will look cheap
  • She will certainly not be bragging to her friends

2. Videograms

Boring old cards are like the buckles on Pilgrim’s hats, you understand that at some point they had a purpose; but in this day and age, why not just buy a baseball hat with snaps. The baseball hat with snaps of the card world is a Valentine Videogram! Mediabistro reported on this new phenomenon and noted that Image Metrics has put out a product that “lets you create Valentine’s Day – themed animations”.  Electronically send your partner an interactive card and avoid the awkward act of physically handing them something.


  • Instantly create and send the card in case you forgot it was Valentine’s Day
  • You get to be creative with how you say “Happy Valentine’s Day” and use media to get your point across
  • It is interactive
  • Doesn’t kill any trees


  • Generally digital cards are annoying
  • You don’t get to see the reaction of your partner

3. Order Online

Online is a major disruptive force to traditional in-store Valentine’s Day shopping. According to Monetate, online was the only retail channel to show consistent growth in the past three Valentine’s Days. Any gift under the sun can be ordered online: from traditional Valentine’s Day gifts like flowers or chocolates to non traditional Valentine’s Day gifts like a life jacket or a Nintendo Power Glove.


  • You don’t have to leave the house
  • No parking tickets
  • If it doesn’t fit, its not your fault because you never saw it in the store
  • It is awesome to find an unexpected package for you


  • The gift might not get there in time
  • You often have to pay shipping
  • Your partner might not check the mail or be home for the delivery person

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Adam Lundquist likes Valentine’s day less than St. Patricks Day but more than Flag Day

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The first annual DOlympics

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In the spirit of the 2012 London Olympics the team at Digital Operative decided to hold it’s very own DOlympics.
Comprised of five intense events, The DOers strength and wits were tested in the following areas: LadderBall, Bean Bag Toss, Nerf Crossbow Archery, a harrowing Sbyke relay race and finally the nail biting Foosball tournament.
In the end, there was blood, there was sweat, and even a few tears but only three countries were able to nab the coveted DO Gold, Silver and Bronze medals.  In a medal ceremony that would make even the Olympics Committee proud, Brazil was awarded the Bronze Medal after displaying some intense Foosball playing skills and Mexico nabbed Silver after stomping the competition in the Sbkye relay.
However, it was unassuming China that crushed the competition across all categories and was awarded the DO Gold medal. With the Chinese national anthem proudly played for maximum effect, Jamie Tuckey, Denise Pena, and BJ Cook were awarded their gold medals and with that the DOlympics came to a close.
The good thing for the losing teams is that they have 18 months to perfect their skills before we revisit the DOlympics in 2014 in honor of the Sochi Winter Games.
We hope everyone enjoyed watching the Olympics as much as we did. Until next time.

DOlympics 2012

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In honor of the 2012 London Olympics, we here at DO have decided to join the fun and are launching the first ever DOlympics.

What’s the DOlympics you ask? It’s where we come together as a team to show our mettle in such exciting events as office chair relay, bean bag toss, ladder ball, and nerf cross bow archery (sorry beer pong is not an official sanctioned Olympic event, maybe next year). Six countries will go in but only one country will win the coveted DO Gold Medal.  Will it be USA, Brazil, China, Mexico, Greece or the United Kingdom?

Only one way to find out, check back here on Thursday and see which team of DOers reigns victorious.

3 Digital Gifts to Give Your Favorite Geek!

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We all know it is a major pain to schlep around the mall. You have to deal with the parking, face the crowds, and turn down the free samples at Panda Express. All of these hassles can take their toll on even the jolliest elf. However, here at Digital Operative we are thinkers, planners, and strategists and we want to help you beat the holiday madness! We put on our thinking hats to help you avoid the dreaded mall trip and be the one who gives the “cool” gift this year. We think that some of the best presents this year will be from the online community and taking advantage of how easy it is to give these gifts, will provide you with the best present of all – time to relax. Without further ado here are three  digital gifts to give your favorite geek!

3. Netflix (around 7.99 a month) – This is the gift that keeps on giving! There are a variety of reasons why this is the perfect digital gift. First off, it is always going to fit. Secondly it is not going to go out of style – new movies arrive all the time. I love the way I can stream the movies and avoid the awkward mailroom conversation that would surely ensue if I had to use the DVD mail service. The best part is when the recipient sees a good movie – they will think of what a great gift giver you are, but when they see a bad movie they still blame the director.

2. Fiverr – This service will change the way you see five dollars. I am not sure how we originally discovered this site, but I am tremendously happy we did. The basic premise is that you pay five dollars and people will do pretty much anything. This can range from singing whatever lyrics you like in a banana costume to designing Polynesian tribal tattoos. We like using it to send funny videos to friends and clients (We used this for ContestCore our online contest platform). There is no need for boring old (environmentally unfriendly) cards anymore when you can pay five dollars to Ziggy the demented elf to offer holiday greetings to chosen recipients. Give the gift of laughter and send someone a customized, funny video.

1. Taskrabbit – Order online to pay people to do your chores! This is such a great concept for a service that I can’t believe no one had thought of it earlier. As far as gifts go I am always in favor of ones that make my life easier rather than add more difficult. I don’t want a book or puzzle – as Jim Gaffigan says, “That’s not a gift, that’s a homework assignment”. What I do want is the gift of someone doing my laundry, wrapping my presents, and going to IKEA and picking up my furniture. When you order from Taskrabbit people do all of these annoying tasks and more: laundry, spring cleaning, recycling, and organizing the closet are all items I would love to get. I think that this is a gift to give to college kids with messy dorms, overworked parents, and anyone who needs some help over the holidays (which is all of us).

Influential puppet explains ContestCore

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It was a Thursday when BJ and Adam took me aside to their room and informed me that they had a very important assignment for me to complete. The serious looks on their faces informed me that this  was the kind of assignment that separates the wheat from the part of the plant that is not wheat. This assignment would move me up to the big leagues. Opening my notebook, and moving past the pages filled with doodles of hearts and Justin Bieber I began to furiously write down the monumental task that lay ahead of me. My assignment, nay my calling –  was to find a way to find a way to get a puppet to promote ContestCore our new online contest software. It was a difficult assignment – but I knew it was one I must complete. I hit the streets trying all the tricks I knew and was turned down by many famous and semi-famous puppets alike. However just when I was about to give up and my darkest hour was upon me –  I saw him:  Professor Hans Von Puppet. He was  giving a lecture at a local college and knew he was the one. His  professorial jacket, his almost German accent, the way I could pay him to say what I wanted all told me to pursue this puppet. This was it! So ladies and gentleman I present to you Professor Hans Von Puppet giving his thoughts on ContestCore

Web designed served, and it was delicious

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Website features DO

Stussy‘s website redesign, crafted by Digital Operative is a featured project on the site Web Design Served. WDS (as we imagine they like to be called)  looks for outstanding websites from members of the Behance network, and we are pleased that they decided to feature our work. Their editorial team features  a small number of projects daily, and look for one’s that promote new thinking in the industry. Certainly, new thinking played a part in Stussy’s website redesign which combines eye pleasing design that the DO team is known for, with integration of  the  Magento e-commerce platform to create a site that is well, featurable. So congratulations to the team at DO for once again producing a quality product and thank you to Web Design Served for noticing. If you’re looking for feedback on your current web design, let us know.

3 craziest QR campaigns ever!

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QR code tattoo

Hurts more than most QR codes

QR codes are everywhere from magazines to billboards to graves (more on that later) and here at DOodles we are wondering: where is the line?  We scoured the Internet to find the craziest, most insane QR campaigns and bring them to you. So put down your smartphone take a look at our list: the three craziest QR campaigns ever!

1. Volley ball bikini QR code


Honestly honey, I’m not checking her out – I’m scanning the  code

Though England is not exactly known for their beach volleyball, the sport did gain notoriety this year when it rented out space on the bikini bottoms of pro players Zara Dampney and Shauna Mullin. The deal is believed to be in the five figure range (not a bum deal) and also believed to be the first QR codes to be used on in-play sport advertising. All this just when we thought our interest in English women’s beach volleyball couldn’t be any higher!

2. QR Haircuts

For my next trick I will read your mind

Looking to replace that tired ‘do? Maybe it is time to get the QR code cut, it’s all the rage in Japan where a shampoo company launched the campaign to showcase healthy scalps. The campaign idea is that the shampoo improves both the hair and the scalp (and he does have a great looking scalp).  The word amongst marketing circles is that the ad campaign was a success and increased brand awareness of the shampoo. We think maybe we will just stick with hats.

3. Graves

Qr code on a grave

I scan dead people

Names and dates? That is so 1900’s! You can say so much more by simply adding a QR code to your grave. In Japan they  are putting QR codes on graves that give images and blurbs about the deceased.  Like the idea of QR codes on the from beyond the grave? You better be rich in the life –  these  grave QR codes cost around $10,000. They are sure to creep everyone out who sees you standing around graves taking photos.

We know the line//

After seeing those examples you may be wondering – how do I use QR codes effectively for my business? Fortunately here at DO we have the knowledge, the technology, and the skills that lead to very successful QR campaigns. Examples you say? Check this out:

We recently used QR codes for performance wear clothing company Sport Science. These codes were placed on postcards and handed out at the Outdoor Retailer Convention in Salt Lake City.  Once these QR codes were scanned, they sent people to a specially created web page that collected emails and entered the participants into a contest to win either $100 or $500 worth of Sport Science gear .  The campaign was a great success, Sport Science has a growing email list, and we didn’t even have to wear the Digital Operative QR bikini bottoms! You know the QR code has many uses, the question is how can we utilize QR technology to help you reach your digital goals?

Our campaign didn't stink!

iPad Light Painting – Dentsu London

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Making Future Magic: iPad light painting from Dentsu London on Vimeo.

I discovered the following project on Beeker Northam’s blog. She and her team at DentsuLondon partnered up with design consultancy BERGlondon to create a mini-series about capturing light from iPads and extruding 3D ainmations. This is the REAL stuff when it comes to the potential for consumer engagement in the future with so many devices gaining global penetration. magic rules.

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