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Web Design “Why?” – Explanations & Metrics Behind Ecommerce Best Practices and Tips to Improve Conversion

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In the world of web design, ecommerce specifically, teams often refer to industry best practices to make quick assumptions & design decisions without metrics, testing or even without understanding “why?” In an attempt to both explain certain practices and to validate decisions with statistics, I created an infographic compiling common web design/ecommerce design practices and supporting them with either data or an explanation accompanied by a “pro tip” to facilitate the best future usage. Time to Increase those conversions!

Click here to view the full-size infographic and let us know what you think. Or, drop us a line if you have questions about how to better design your site to increase those conversions.


Business Valuation Infographic

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At some stage you are going to want to exit your company. And specifically as an eCommerce entrepreneur there is a new emerging ecommerce business for sale market where internet entrepreneurs are now able to sell their ecommerce businesses.

Our friends over at Digital Exits drawing from their experience valuing and selling eCommerce businesses have created this Ecommerce Business Valuation guide Infographic. It gives you an insight into what your eCommerce business might be worth and what it could sell for.

Digital Exits is a full service website brokerage that helps you find a buyer when you want to sell your online business.

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