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3 Digital Gifts to Give Your Favorite Geek!

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We all know it is a major pain to schlep around the mall. You have to deal with the parking, face the crowds, and turn down the free samples at Panda Express. All of these hassles can take their toll on even the jolliest elf. However, here at Digital Operative we are thinkers, planners, and strategists and we want to help you beat the holiday madness! We put on our thinking hats to help you avoid the dreaded mall trip and be the one who gives the “cool” gift this year. We think that some of the best presents this year will be from the online community and taking advantage of how easy it is to give these gifts, will provide you with the best present of all – time to relax. Without further ado here are three  digital gifts to give your favorite geek!

3. Netflix (around 7.99 a month) – This is the gift that keeps on giving! There are a variety of reasons why this is the perfect digital gift. First off, it is always going to fit. Secondly it is not going to go out of style – new movies arrive all the time. I love the way I can stream the movies and avoid the awkward mailroom conversation that would surely ensue if I had to use the DVD mail service. The best part is when the recipient sees a good movie – they will think of what a great gift giver you are, but when they see a bad movie they still blame the director.

2. Fiverr – This service will change the way you see five dollars. I am not sure how we originally discovered this site, but I am tremendously happy we did. The basic premise is that you pay five dollars and people will do pretty much anything. This can range from singing whatever lyrics you like in a banana costume to designing Polynesian tribal tattoos. We like using it to send funny videos to friends and clients (We used this for ContestCore our online contest platform). There is no need for boring old (environmentally unfriendly) cards anymore when you can pay five dollars to Ziggy the demented elf to offer holiday greetings to chosen recipients. Give the gift of laughter and send someone a customized, funny video.

1. Taskrabbit – Order online to pay people to do your chores! This is such a great concept for a service that I can’t believe no one had thought of it earlier. As far as gifts go I am always in favor of ones that make my life easier rather than add more difficult. I don’t want a book or puzzle – as Jim Gaffigan says, “That’s not a gift, that’s a homework assignment”. What I do want is the gift of someone doing my laundry, wrapping my presents, and going to IKEA and picking up my furniture. When you order from Taskrabbit people do all of these annoying tasks and more: laundry, spring cleaning, recycling, and organizing the closet are all items I would love to get. I think that this is a gift to give to college kids with messy dorms, overworked parents, and anyone who needs some help over the holidays (which is all of us).

4 lessons your business can use from the mistakes of Netflix

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Lately Netflix has been making mistake after mistake, and we are here to help your business learn from their troubles. As Netflix attempts to keep up with the times and stay ahead of the market, it has found new ways to fail and cause extreme customer disapproval all over the internet. First, CEO Reed Hastings decided to raise subscription prices, at an almost 60% increase. Then a few weeks later he decided to split the company in two: Netflix (remaining for online streaming) and newly announced Qwikster (continue the DVD-by-mail service). On Monday October 10th, Hastings decided to take back his decision of splitting the company. Netflix is now attempting to stabilize and return back to normal, however it has had to deal with lower stock prices, subscriptions, and customer perception. Here are 4 mistakes Netflix made, and how you can avoid them in your business:

1. Not asking customers their opinion or taking them into account when beginning a large change. Customers will appreciate if they are included in or at least considered when making a large change within the company, especially is that change will affect them. Customers can also give back important feedback that only they can offer as they are the users of the product/service.

2. Forgetting about the usability of a service, and the user experience. The idea of splitting the Netflix service into two companies, where subscribers would have to use two websites to either stream or rent DVDs was a major inconvenience. Customers want what is easy, and after already having used and understood the single Netflix site to do both services they would be unwilling to learn a new site and do twice the work from before. This would result in a loss of subscribers overall.

3. Not being genuine or explaining your actions to customers. Its important to always keep customers informed. Of course price changes occur but explaining the reasoning behind it and being sincere may ease the reaction. Customers are more likely to be understanding of the change, and would result in less of a negative drop.

4. Making yourself irrelevant in the present because you are so concerned about the future. CEO Hastings knows online streaming is the way of the future for movies, TV shows, and gaming. He wanted to focus his attention on the streaming aspect of Netflix while the Qwikster company would handle the DVD-by-mail aspect. Although in theory this seems to make the most sense, the demand has not reached a level where this makes sense in the mind of the customer. Subscribers still enjoy both services and want both of them to stay as they are. As right as Hastings may be about the future, the market makes the decisions about the present.

For now, Netflix has raised its prices, kept its business structure and has been stung by criticism of their flip-flopping ideas. Hopefully they can return to being a leader in the movie/ TV show viewing industry that we have enjoyed, and we in the digital industry have all learned a lesson.

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