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Website Optimization – 90 Day Website Challenge

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Change is inevitable. Be it internal fluctuation, market volatility, industry upheaval, or customer sophistication, change is certain. So, with all this transformation, why is your website staying the same? No, we aren’t talking site redesign (although, that might be something to consider too), we are talking about optimization.

Through website optimization, your site changes organically, evolving and adapting to newly-forged best practices, company needs, and–perhaps highest of all orders–customer expectations.

If customers are visiting your site and are failing to get what they want, be it information or your goods and services, they are all but certain to take their attention (and business) elsewhere.

We lovingly refer to our rapid-paced, highly-effective process of optimization the 90 Day Website Challenge and it’s made up of three phases:

  • PHASE 1 entails analytics set-up and development of a strategy.
  • PHASE 2 is the meat of the project, the implementation of the test(s).
  • PHASE 3 is the processing and analysis of the test findings and development of any suggested next steps.

With our 90 Day Website Challenge we dare you to tell us that optimization isn’t the new key to adapting to change. Also, this program is a great way to start building a culture of optimization within your organization.

One client in particular that has used our 90-Day Website Challenge, a multichannel soccer retailer, implemented a strategic optimization plan of A/B and multivariate testing to improve site performance and usability. Over a 90-day period, In that time, DO was able to deliver a projected revenue increase over 20% for the client.

Last thoughts: optimization isn’t solely about maximizing profits, it’s providing what customers want and reducing the struggle in doing so.

If you’re ready to take the 90 Day Website Challenge, we encourage you to CONTACT our team to get more information or to get signed on.


DO Runs Test at Opticon, Gets Damn Good Results

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Optimizely, our go-to partner for everything A/B testing, hosted their first annual customer conference in San Francisco last month. Opticon gave us a ton of attractive reasons to attend — Our Director of Strategy & Planning, Eric Hanser, was nominated for Testing Hero of the Year, we were asked to be sponsors as well and we got to be in one of the greatest cities ever. Unfortunately, Eric didn’t win (although we still consider him to be our Testing Hero). Instead, our agency did! No, we didn’t win an Optie, but we did get some damn good results from the custom test we ran at the conference.

In the test, we asked people to take a minute to answer a few questions based on actual tests we ran for one of our clients. Click here to test your knowledge on A/B optimization and check out the results for our test below:I know some of you are probably reading this and thinking, “I didn’t get to take the test” – don’t you worry, we are still running live data. So sit back and test your A/B knowledge here!

Of course, our test results weren’t the only thing we took from Opticon. Below are a couple of more takeaways that we’ve been trying to implement more often here in the office.

Test, test, test!

As Dan Siroker, CEO and co-founder of Optimizely, said during his keynote, “Just run an experiment.” Taking Google’s formula of utilizing data over the HIPO (Highest Paid Person’s Opinion) to make decisions couldn’t have resonated with us more. Today, there are just way too many tools, Optimizely just to name one, to not go with side with data to make efficient business decisions. The more you test, and the smaller you test, the more it will pay off.

Structure of Tests

When it comes to individual tests, we realized that whether or not your test passes or fails, you will still learn about your site visitors. Like with an experiment, simply start with a theory or hypothesis and expect to build knowledge after testing, regardless of the results.

For those unfamiliar with Optimizely, it is an intricate platform that conducts A/B testing, multipage/multivariate testing with targeting/segmentation all while using influential real-time data to meet the needs of businesses looking to deliver unique web experiences to their visitors. More than 6,000 companies have adopted the Optimizely CRO software, including Starbucks, Disney, Salesforce and of course, Digital Operative.

Do you have anything else you want to add or know about A/B testing? You can let us know in the comments section, or as always, if you need any help with your web optimization needs, don’t hesitate to contact us!


Integrating Optimizely and Google Universal Analytics is now possible!

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You can now integrate your Optimizely testing with Google’s new universal analytics. All you need is an available Custom Dimension to configure your Optimizely testing and you’re on your way. Your Custom Dimensions are used to tag your visitors with the testings and variations to which they’ve been added.

So, why is the Google Analytics Intergration so important? Now with the integration we are able to receive more comprehensive data from the testing. Our Director of Planning and Strategy, Eric Hanser states:

“When using Optimizely, we find it essential to use data from analytics to give the most in-depth and complete picture of test results. Unfortunately, this came with certain limitations within Google Analytics, as we were only able to run a maximum of 5 experiments at any given time. Now, with Optimizely’s addition of Universal Analytics integration, we are no longer held to such restrictions. While still held by A/B and multivariant best practice in terms of which tests should or should not be running concurrently, we are now able to truly expand our site optimization offering to our clients using Universal Analytics”

Now that you know it’s a big deal, you should also know you can enable the universal analytics in three easy steps thanks to Optimizely:

1). Add the following java script to your site where your current universal analytics code exists:

// Optimizely Universal Analytics Integration window.optimizely = window.optimizely || []; window.optimizely.push (“activateUniversalAnalytics”);

2). Enable the Universal Analytics integration in Optimizely after selecting “Analytics Integration” in the Options menu of the editor.

3). Select a “Custom Dimension” you’d like Optimizely to use. But, note that this Custom Dimension can not already be in use on your site.

If you need any help contact us; we can  integrate your analytics with Optimizely to ensure that you are tracking all of your necessary data points.

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