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The Rule Of Three as Applied To A Brand Ambassador Program

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“The rule of three” suggests that things that come in threes are inherently more satisfying and effective than any other number of things. Whether these “things” be good or bad, we decided to test the theory…and they are right.

Most e-commerce companies know the basics of marketing: content, social and email (see, another rule of three). But, many don’t use one of the most powerful marketing tools at their disposal — A Brand Ambassador Program.

We found that there are 3 main reasons why your company should have a Brand Ambassador Program and also discovered 3 outdoor companies that are already making big moves by having a successful brand ambassador program of their own.

Three Reasons why you should have a Brand Ambassador Program:


#1 Fans

No one will love your brand, like your consumer. They are your number one fan/cheerleader. They are unbiased and love your product for the product. They owe you nothing, so you get a real genuine view of how awesome your product really is.

More Content

Without a doubt this is the best way to get more content. They will help grow your brand SEO and bring in solid traffic, hopefully it will eventually drive revenue as well. They can flood all of your channels with content, whether it be a written piece on your blog or images for your social.


This is the best way to get feedback on all of your products — these ambassadors want to see you succeed. Think of this program as your own personal think tank or focus group. They are there to help you test out new products and help gain traction and excitement surrounding the release of these new products.


3 outdoor companies already using a brand ambassador program:



They have a full page on their site dedicated to their brand ambassadors. Our favorite part is that they have broken up their ambassadors by sport – Climbing, fly fishing, skiing, snowboarding, surfing and trail running. This makes it easy for other patagonia lovers to follow ambassadors with the same interests as them.

Patagonia Brand Ambassador



“Each brings a fresh perspective to their experiences on the trail” – Describes it all on the header of the brand ambassador page. Their brand ambassador program is comprised of those that love their brand and this is something you can tell just from their brand ambassador page.

Zoic Brand Ambassador Program

Teton Sports

Their ambassadors aren’t just for promoting their brand, but for giving back and promoting a charity of their choice. There’s also a specific promo code that is associated with each “Adventurer” tha t allows consumers to help fund the charities each ambassador is raising money for. #GiveBackEndeavor

.Teton Sports Brand Ambassador Program

A Brand Ambassador program is an easy win, so use the rule of three and get out there to find your ambassadors. Don’t know where to start? Drop us a line and we can help you kickstart your own brand ambassador program.

Outdoor Retailer

Tenzing’s Take on Outdoor Retailer Part Deux

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This is a guest post written by Dave Geada, Director of Marketing at Tenzing. It’s part 2, of a 3 part series – read the first post here

So what makes communities (not markets) special? I posed this question in my last post as I shared my reflections on the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market Event and the retailers that serve outdoor enthusiasts. In order to answer that question, I need to share a story with you about someone that I met at the show. His name is Dave LaSorte.

Dave LaSorte climbing

Dave LaSorte climbing

I first met Dave on the show floor at Outdoor Retailer, and to say that that meeting was memorable is an understatement. Dave’s presence hits you like a force of nature. It’s like a fierce summer storm that you didn’t expect that pummels your senses and passes as quickly as it appeared. The evidence of its passing is all around you, though. You and the landscape are soaked, the afternoon light casts a strange hazy sheen, and life begins to stir anew. And in that quiet, stirring moment you feel intensely connected to everything around you. That’s the effect that Dave has on people.

In the first 20 minutes of meeting him, Dave expressed his belief in our partnership and told the story of the rosy future both our companies had together. He shared a story about an impromptu sales meeting he had where he convinced a retailer to donate equipment to a charity he volunteers for called Outdoor Outreach. And then he asked if we were free for dinner and drinks, where he shared more stories about the restaurant, his sales deals, legends in the outdoor industry and more.

Dave LaSorte kicking back with the kids from Outdoor Outreach

Dave LaSorte kicking back with the kids from Outdoor Outreach

My favorite story of all was the one Dave told about the impact that his volunteer work with Outdoor Outreach had on the kids that he worked with, and ultimately the impact these experiences had on him. He talked about teaching at risk and disadvantaged kids how to climb. He described how the kids would stand at the bottom of a 100 foot cliff face, the bottom third of which was smooth weathered rock save for a seam in the rock face. How the kids would stand dejected at the bottom, saying how the climb couldn’t be done. How Dave, slight of build and in his 50’s, showed them how its wasn’t impossible by climbing up that wall like he was climbing up a stairwell, waving to them 100 feet above the ground. The looks of amazement on the kids’ faces at what the old man had accomplished, and the steely determination in their eyes as the bravest of them marched up to the cliff face determined not to let this old man stand them up. And the sheer transformative look of joy on the face of the first kid to make it to the top. That moment when the child realizes that they can climb that wall. And the moment afterwards when the child first realizes that if he can climb that impossible wall, then he’s capable of overcoming many more seemingly impossible challenges. Most touching of all is the way that Dave describes the effect of that moment on him.

“These kids ask for me. They ask if Dave is going to be coming along on the next trip, and when they tell them that I am they go nuts, man. Can you imagine that? These kids love to have me around, and that’s a real kick. Who’d have ever thought that? I’m just so grateful that I can share this with them. That I can help turn things around for them, because I know how hard that can be. To turn things around. And it’s beautiful when that happens. It’s a beautiful moment.”

So what can Dave’s story teach us about the nature of communities and how best to market to them? Well, three things strike me about Dave:

  • Dave genuinely believes that climbing and the outdoors in general can have a transformative effect on the human spirit.
  • Dave tells a lot of stories, and those stories reinforce and amplify his core beliefs.
  • Dave can’t help but share these stories, because they fuel his resolve and energize those around him. In short, he’s viral.
  • Dave’s greatest joy is in sharing his passion with a younger generation. Nothing gives him greater pleasure and satisfaction.

These same characteristics apply to communities:

  • Communities arise out of a shared sense of purpose and beliefs. These beliefs are the glue that holds everything together, overcoming even powerful disruptors like self-interest.
  • Communities maintain themselves through storytelling. Stories are the vehicle by which members make connections to each other, and the more authentic the stories, the stronger that connection.
  • Communities are viral. They seek to spread out as far and wide as possible.
  • Communities are generational and evolve. Each preceding generation seeks to impart its experiences to subsequent generations. Subsequent generations invariably view things through their own unique lens, and the stories evolve to reflect these evolving views.

Given this, how do we as marketers successfully leverage these dynamics to accomplish our mission? I’ll be covering that in my next post.

3 Social Media Dos & Don’ts to help you Land that Job

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Social Media is a big part of our lives now. We post pictures, share stories, communicate with friends but would you want your future employer to see everything you share on Facebook and Twitter? Its obvious we keep LinkedIn clean, but employers are doing more than checking out your LinkedIn Profile. Reppler researched 300 individuals in charge of hiring at their company and came up with a few surprising results. Whether or not you agree that this acceptable, its happening. 91% said they use social media to screen applicants. The majority will check Facebook 76%, followed by Twitter 53%, and then LinkedIn 48%. If you’re not careful you could be rejected by that dream job because of a few silly pictures on Facebook.

3 Don’ts to Consider on your Profiles:
1. Don’t post inappropriate photos of you drinking or using drugs, and don’t allow yourself to be tagged in them.
2. Don’t post inappropriate comments, discriminatory remarks, or negative comments including previous employers.
3. Don’t use poor grammar or display poor communication skills.

The best thing you can do would be to just tighten the security of your pages. Everyone has fun but there are something that don’t need to be shared with the world.

On the other hand, social media isn’t all bad when it come to potential employment. Sometimes what you share is what gets you the job.

3 Dos to Consider on your Profiles:
1. Do make your profile show your interests and hobbies, employers appreciate well-rounded individuals.
2. Do allow your profile to show off your creativity, especially if creativity is part of the industry you seek.
3. Do use your profile to demonstrate your professional capabilities, and share awards or accomplishments.

Even if you do get turned away or turned down because of your social media profiles, it may be for the best if the company does not feel you would fit well with them. Organizational fit is important, if you don’t mesh well with the company both of you will be unhappy.

P.S. We are looking for a Web Developer (PHP with ZEND and Magento experience preferred) Check out our Careers Page for more Info!

Facebook of the Future

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If you haven’t already heard or seen about the Facebook changes, then really what are you doing with your life? Actually living one? Not cool. Facebook is rapidly changing their look offering more features, and removing old ones. With these changes come complaints, confusion, and curiosity as to how these features work and how much of their information is going to be shared. Facebook engineers have been working on these changes for a while and on September 22, Mark Zuckerberg announced all of the upcoming updates that will slowly make their way to your account.

Here is a list of the major changes and their descriptions to ease you into the Facebook of the future:

The new timeline feature has not yet been made public but is one of the biggest changes to come. This feature will basically turn your account into an online scrapbook pinpointing specific big events and showcasing them through pictures, statuses, or check-ins. An algorithm determines what is deemed as important, along with anything else you may want to check as important. You can also go back and fill-in old dates up to your date of birth if you choose. Zuckerberg described that currently Facebook does a good job of telling friends who you are now, but not what you’ve done in the past. This aims to solve that problem.

Cover Photo
A new look is coming to profile pages,  one of the new features you will see is the cover photo. This is just one large photo of your choice, at the top of your profile page. This gives the page a new fresher face-lift, slightly resembling a blog.

News Feed
The News Feed has been one of the current changes to your page. The “Most Recent” news feed has been pushed down to make room for “Top Stories” in which Facebook has an algorithm to find what news is most relevant and important to you. Although many say it is inaccurate and random, it just started and will take some time to get into full swing. The algorithm incorporates who you contact the most frequently, along with what has the most likes and comments among other variables. The goal here being if you don’t use Facebook very often or were away, the most interesting news from your friends would be the first information you see when you log-in next. The more frequently you use Facebook the more recent those stories are. Basing this idea off of a newspaper set-up, where the front page has all of the headlining stories.

Side Ticker
In contrast to the “Top Stories” feed which holds the important news, the side Ticker holds less important updates from friends. Updates such as involvement in a game, or liking a new page which are considered to be annoying news. However, you can already see the Ticker on your page and many find it in itself disruptive and distracting. Another issue to point out on the Ticker is you are able to click on and see friend’s comments to non-friends. Privacy issues must be re-examined to see how this can be prevented.

Open Graph
Open Graph might change the whole Facebook playing field. This allows people to share what they are doing and friends are able to join in. Say for example you are listening to a great new band, you share this on Facebook and a friend can join in exactly on the part of the song are you listening to. As if you were together. All of which can be done through the creation of new apps for Facebook particularly good for industries such as communication publications, music, videos, games, and lifestyle interests. With the new set of apps, you won’t even have to leave Facebook to explore them, they will be right inside of Facebook encouraging you to never leave the site with everything you might possibly want right there.

Along with the new set of apps comes a new permission privacy setting, where apps only need to ask for your permission one time and never again. This is alarming to many users, and needs to be further looked into once the apps begin surfacing. Just keep in mind who you are giving permission to.

Now you have a little insight as to what is coming on Facebook; some good and some not so good features. How are these changes going to affect Google+? Will any of the features be altered or removed? Only time will tell, until then like our Facebook page to keep up with these changes and others at or if you have any other Social Media inquiries let your friends at Digital Operative help you out!


Social Influence Measurement – Tools, Resources & Commentary

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Wow the last hour has been a whirlwind of blog posts, articles, tweets, links and comments covering this whole market of “social media influence.” Based on who you are that could mean different things. If you’re a marketer, you’re thinking “sure that’s important to the work I do.” If you’re a blogger, you’re thinking “that’s what my world is becoming defined by with all these campaigns, deals and events I keep getting invited to.” If you’re one of the following social influence tools, you’re thinking “I hope these people keep writing reviews and help us continue to shape our product.” This post is meant to be something organic, never-ending and hopefully a great resource for those of you just entering into the field of “social media influence or social influence measurement.”

What I love most about the following resource, is that beyond the initial content written; there is some wonderful commentary from people around the industry sharing their perspective and truly giving these tools free insights, marketing and in some cases not-so-great reviews. Please feel free to add your comment with any tools, blog posts, tweets, articles, polls or white papers I may have missed and I’ll be sure to update this post.

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