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Tweet Your Way to the Top

Tweet Your Way to the Top

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Over the last several years, social media has expanded from being used for merely personal purposes to becoming an integral tool in executing influential campaigns. The inherently personal nature of social media allows companies to blur the line between personal and professional with their customer interactions, giving them an opportunity to shape a new image for themselves without overstepping boundaries. Social media advertising can be helpful in aiding company sales and solidifying a target audience. Twitter in particular has taken to creating unique and innovative features for businesses who use their platform.

Promoted Ads

Twitter advertising has altered the purpose of their platform by implementing a new “Promoted Tweets” feature which was created specifically for businesses. This feature allows companies to advertise specific tweets that will appear in various places on the site, including directly on user timelines, based on relevance. This offers businesses to craft a short but effective tweet along with an image to capture the user’s attention. This form of Twitter advertising offers a chance to combine both words and images to capture social media users’ attention.

Clearasil Twitter Ad

Image via Twitter.

Twitter Campaigns

In addition to providing businesses with the opportunity to schedule promoted tweets, Twitter has also developed campaigns to increase online traffic and activity for businesses. Some of these campaigns rely heavily on creativity, while others rely on user loyalty and  Specifically, there are four types of campaigns:

  1. Website click campaigns are designed to increase website visitors and track conversions and sales as a result of Twitter advertising. This is an opportunity for businesses to see the impact Twitter is having on their sales and to change their strategy accordingly.
  2. Follower campaigns are created with the intention of increasing follower counts and building an audience. The primary goal of this type of campaign is to raise awareness of company Twitter accounts and to solidify a target audience that is more likely to engage with them.
  3. Engagement campaigns help businesses curate interesting content that will encourage consumer interaction through the Twitter platform.
  4. Mobile app campaigns to increase app downloads
Domino's Pizza Tweet

Image via Marketing Land.

Through creating these specialized campaign methods, Twitter has managed to take advantage of its informal and casual style to provide businesses with multiple venues for success through the use of their platform. Here at Digital Operative, we’re always looking ahead at the latest trends in online marketing – be sure to contact us for all of your social media advertising needs! 

Leveraging Brand Success with Snapchat

Three Ways Marketers Can Leverage Brand Success with Snapchat

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Snapchat is the latest social media trend sweeping the nation. Behind Facebook and Instagram, it is the most used social media platform by millennials. Almost everyone and their mother is on Facebook and Instagram (seriously, though). The same can’t be said for Snapchat, which boasts the youngest user base out of all the major social media platforms. However, because it is the newest, it is also the least understood. It’s fleeting and self-destructive nature has created a challenge for marketers. Furthermore, 87% of Snapchat users never buy things they see on Snapchat. So how is it possible for us as marketers grab their attention in 10 seconds or less, especially when attention spans are at an all-time low? Here are some ways we can go about doing just that:

1) Tell a story

Literally. Thanks to Snapchat’s Story feature, users can post multiple “snaps” in a single sequence, which all of their followers can watch as many times as they want for 24 hours. This is an interesting concept for marketers, as it lets users add a narrative flow to their snaps. It humanizes the brand and makes it more relatable. This casual form of social media posting allows brands to get more personal with their brand advocates and is more easily consumable than other intrusive forms of promotion, such as display ads.

2) Go viral

Today, virality is something that is highly sought-after yet increasingly difficult to attain from a marketing standpoint. Yet, as difficult as it is, it’s not impossible. Take DJ Khaled, for example. Prior to the latter part of 2015, DJ Khaled was a musician hanging on the edge of obscurity. He was known mostly for yelling his name over popular rap songs. However, that all changed once he picked up his phone and started recording videos on Snapchat. Since then, DJ Khaled has completely blown up and become an overnight media sensation. But his virality was no accident. With a slew of inspirational musings and endless selfies, DJ Khaled has reminded marketers that social media is not about sales but about being memorable and forming genuine relationships with your brand advocates.

3) Create branded geotags

Unlike the invasive display ads seen in Snapchat’s Discover feature, there are other more organic ways to get your brand name out there and interact with your audience. Depending on a user’s location, Snapchat has different geotag filters. It also has geotags for important holidays and dates. Brands have already capitalized on this capability by creating brand-centric geotags. Most recently, this was seen with the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens back in December. With this method, brands don’t have to advertise themselves—the users do it for them. And with 65% of Snapchat’s user base churning out content on a regular basis, that’s practically a goldmine of brand exposure.

There’s a reason Snapchat is in Facebook and Instagram’s rear view mirrors. With an arsenal of communication methods at its disposal, Snapchat is gaining on the social media heavyweights, and at a blindingly fast speed. Need help keeping up with these social media developments? Social is one of the many things we do best. Feel free to reach out anytime and contact us for more information. 

Social Media in 2016

How Are We Reinventing Social in 2016?

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Even though we’re only about a month-and-a-half into 2016, we’ve already seen an absolute explosion on social media, and we’re not talking about Kanye’s frequent Twitter outbursts. Several trends from 2015 carried into the new year along with some new features that brands and marketers alike can capitalize on. Without further ado, here are three ways the social media landscape has transformed in 2016.

Interactive Videos Are On the Rise

If a picture really is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth at least double that. That much is evident with Facebook’s launch of 360° videos last year. 360° videos were first introduced on YouTube but didn’t really gain traction until Facebook rolled them out last September. They not only allow viewers to watch a video but to actually experience it from every angle.

So what does this development mean for marketers? They can now (metaphorically-speaking) break their users’ screens and pull them into the action. Rather than merely being observers, viewers can now be a character in an ad or promotional piece. In this era of relationship marketing, it is imperative for marketers to talk with consumers as opposed to talking to them—to make them an integral part of the brand story—and this feature makes that process much simpler.

Live Streaming Is the New Social Media Frontier

And speaking of pulling users into the experience, there’s no better way to have them be there without actually being there than with live streaming. Meerkat and Periscope, two relative newcomers to the social media arena, have completely revolutionized the way we watch videos by allowing users to share them in real-time. By putting a link to your live stream on Twitter, any individual who sees it can join your room and watch your live stream. Essentially, it’s like Facetiming, except with hundreds—if not thousands—of people.

This makes the viewing experience intimate, interactive and authentic. Like 360° videos, Meerkat and Periscope’s live streaming capabilities allow users to see everything in first-person. And because it’s a live continuous video, everything seen is unedited and uncut. This makes for a genuine and spontaneous viewing experience, because anything can happen at any time. Marketers can leverage this to add credibility and trustworthiness to their brands, because (ideally) nothing is staged or planned.

Social Commerce Slowly Overtaking eCommerce?

Last year, Facebook; Pinterest and YouTube added a new and more convenient facet to online shopping: social commerce. Rather than linking to ecommerce sites, these social media titans added Buy buttons to their sites to make online purchasing a quick, one-step process. By clicking these Buy buttons, consumers can purchase a product directly without hassle. Easy enough, right? Say goodbye to scrolling through dozens of pages to find that perfect product and say hello to simplicity. Thanks, social commerce.

It’s obvious that social media is taking over the world at a staggering rate. With these revolutionary innovations, it’ll be interesting to see the next big thing in social. Social media brain implants, perhaps? Okay, maybe not. But with these new technologies, somehow that doesn’t seem so farfetched. Have questions or want to chat about how we can aid in your social media efforts? Contact us anytime- here.

Etsy & Kite

How Etsy & Kite Add Social Right Into UX

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Social media marketing is more essential than ever in the growing world of digital marketing. As Small Business Trends reported last year, 7 out of 10 consumers prefer a business with a social media presence, which is why companies are continually trying to find new ways to engage in conversation with their audience.

The recent trend is to integrate social platforms and campaigns right into their services, helping them boost engagement and retention in one fell swoop. Instead of trying to come up with the next hit innovation in the field, these two companies are applying the tried-and-tested techniques that consumers love on other platforms, right into their own service for more effective UX.

Etsy Makes eCommerce Social with Crowdfunding ‘Fund’

Fund on Etsy. Credit: Etsy Inc.

Fund on Etsy. Credit: Etsy Inc.

The company that prides itself in connecting creative entrepreneurs with their target customers is expanding into the profitable and viral sensation world of crowdfunding. Taking the idea behind Kickstarter, Etsy hopes that their Fund service will  ““help…sellers [continue to] grow their businesses and create new products. By funding a campaign, buyers can participate in a new product’s journey from initial concept to their front door, while forging even more meaningful relationships with Etsy sellers they care about.”

It’s a genius natural integration that puts the creative marketing aspect right into the eCommerce marketplace, ensuring a full-service venue for their crafty user demographic to reach their strategic goals in the financing and development process. Right now, Fund is in it’s Pilot Program with limited sellers, but if users respond well Etsy hopes to roll out the service to all sellers soon.

Kite is Differentiating Themselves from the Competition Through Integrated Social Marketing

Kite Interface. Credit: Fast Company

Kite Interface. Credit: Fast Company

In the past month, there has been a slew of announcements about new News apps and platforms: from Apple News to Facebook Instant Articles, and the newly announced BuzzFeed News. Among those is Kite, but the difference between this app and the rest is that Kite plans to change the game of searching for reading material by disguising its full service browser-centric service into a standalone social network similar to that of Instagram.

Instead of using algorithms or having users navigate through an infinite amount of search results, the service plans to embrace both types of effective search curation used by other platforms, “social is one and the other is journalistic curation,” Users can follow trusted friends and personalities for easily-digestible reading suggestions from people with similar tastes and opinions they actually care about. It’s the equivalent of getting music recommendations from your credible friend who knows what they’re talking about. The best thing–the app will not redirect you to read in Safari:  it’s a specific browser designed with user-accessibility in mind, focusing on a minimal look that showcases the actual multimedia content right in app because we all know content is king nowadays. They hope to become their users’ primary browser, by focusing on the interactive social marketing approach in selling their service.

Need help integrating your social media platforms into your marketing strategy? Digital Operative can help you come up with the best method to ignite conversation with your audience. Contact our Marketing Team today.

Social Media

Social Media Takeover

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Social media has become a prominent force for connecting people across the world. Marketers are catching onto this trend and now use these networks to advance their company’s goals. Here are the three aspects indicating why social media is here to stay.

Social Media use has grown steadily over the last few years

In the last five years, consumers and marketers have both increased their use of social networks.

  • 18 million Twitter  users in 2009, 302 million current users
  • In 2009, 17% of time online was spent on social media, now it is 28%
  • A majority of marketers were involved in social media marketing for a few months or less, in 2015 it is down to 22%
  • 56% of companies in 2010 used social media for 6 hours or more, 64% now fit this category

Social Media has real effects on companies and exposure

Companies recognize how valuable social media can be in promoting their brand, gaining attention, and improving sales. Oreo cookie made a splash with their “daily twist” campaign.

  • Oreo daily twist campaign made 100 facebook posts in 100 days relating to current events
  • 231 million media impressions created from 2,600 articles
  • Gained 1 million fans on Facebook
  • Increased share rate by 280%
  • Each post shared an average of 1,472 times
Image via

Image via

Canadian paint company CIL found their paint names weren’t appealing to men so they created an app for renaming colors.

  • In 45 days, 15,000 new names created from over 20,000 users
  • 1 million dollars in media exposure created
  • 100 million online impressions
  • 10% increase in sales

Psychology is getting involved

Psychology is now backing the effectiveness of social media use; studies have highlighted its impact on consumers.

One study from the University of California San Diego found that emotions carry over social networks. They tracked over 1 billion posts over a 2 year period, especially on rainy days when the posts were more negative. They found that these emotions were transferred to friends posts who lived in other cities or even in other parts of the country. This is a vital study for marketers because it demonstrates how the tone of a social media post can trickle down, so it is important to keep posts upbeat and positive.

Social Media is captivating the world’s attention and we are almost completely immersed in its web. Companies now recognize it as a crucial feature in their overall strategy. These social networks allow for a continuous dialogue which lets us to connect like never before. Social Media is the new standard, and it won’t be going away anytime soon. Drop us a line if your business is ready to improve its outreach and visibility.


It’s About Time Instagram!

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For a year and a half, Instagram has made their advertising platform for the VIP, the best of the best, the chosen few that were hand selected by CEO Kevin Systrom. But, as of last week, that’s all changing — Instagram ads are becoming available to the general population of advertisers.

Why Is Instagram Advertising such a big deal?

Instagram has over 300 million active monthly users — up from the 200 million active users it had just one year previous. With 300 million users, Instagram needed to ensure it was pleasing users and marketers alike. Things need to be made seamless and shop-able (even Pinterest joined the bandwagon this week with their “Buyable Pins”). People come to Instagram to get lost in the beauty of everything they see, to find inspiration and fashion ideas. This is the perfect place to target consumers for things they are interested in and places they want to visit.

Advertising On Instagram

With more than 2 million advertisers currently using Facebook to market their business; it was only going to be a matter of time before Instagram followed suit. Instagram will introduce an ads API over the next few months, so it can be used as in the same manner of Facebook — for buying, managing and measuring success. For those Instagram advertisers, this will make it that much easier to expand their brand reach, virtually overnight.

Image via

Image via

Ecommerce on Instagram

Not only will you be able to target consumers by the basics of age, location and gender, but you will be able to target them based on their likes. Like Facebook, you will be able to engage with specific audiences that are interested in your brands and similar brands. This is an important ecommerce move as people want the convenience of shopping and clicking through what they are interested in. Not only will advertisers be able to market one item with a static picture, but Instagram rolled out carousel ads, which makes it that much better — advertising multiple items and views all within the same ad. It’s almost like Instagram knew what they were doing, before it actually did it. From a user’s perspective, think of how much easier it will be to learn about a brand and product. All information and the power to buy, is just one click away.

Image via

Image via

We’re excited to see the development and progression of the Instagram Ad API. Facebook keeps getting better and better with their advertising platform, so we know Instagram is going to be held to the same standard. If you want help with your social media marketing, we have a savvy team, so drop us a line and let’s start Instagramming.

Buyable Pins


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Since its launch in 2010, Pinterest has been the go-to platform for users to map out their “dream” lives. From “Dream Wedding” boards to “Dream Vacation” boards, Pinterest users have essentially used the popular site as a catalog to create their “dream” shopping list. The one downside many users face when using the site, however, is the intermediate step of actually searching for and purchasing the products and services they see on Pinterest elsewhere online. However, on Tuesday, June 2, 2015 Pinterest announced its new plan to help users make their dreams become a reality with the introduction of “buyable pins”.

With this new feature, users will be able to click a blue “Buy It” button featured on over 2 million items on Pinterest starting at the end of June. Buyable pins allow consumers to buy their desired products directly from Pinterest without any redirection to third-party sites, speeding up and reducing friction in the purchasing process . The launch of buyable pins has the potential to change the way people shop online, creating profound developments in the eCommerce industry.

Image via:

Image via:

What Does This Mean for Consumers?

Put simply, buyable pins make it easier for customers to go from pin to purchase without the inconvenience of looking for products online. In fact, the new feature is built for mobile use and is initially only being launched on iPads and iPhones in the U.S. Consumers will be able to filter their pins by price and can view all color and size options directly on the pin. To further simplify the purchasing process, users’ credit card or Apple Pay information will be stored after their first purchase to eliminate the hassle of typing in their information for future purchases. Pinterest users welcomed the announcement on Tuesday with open arms, excited to turn their aspirations into action using buyable pins.

Image via:

Image via:

What Does This Mean for Businesses?

The introduction of buyable pins should have businesses everywhere jumping on the Pinterest bandwagon. A research study recently conducted by Millward Brown on active Pinterest users found that 93% of Pinners said they use Pinterest to plan purchases and 87% have bought something because they saw it on Pinterest. These statistics clearly highlight the immense purchasing intent of Pinterest users. Having your business’ products and services featured on the site with a buyable pin has the potential to reach a significant portion of Pinterest’s estimated 75 million monthly users. By storing credit card information and designing buyable pins specifically for mobile devices, businesses may also begin to see a decrease in shopping cart abandonment How could this opportunity get any better for businesses? Pinterest isn’t taking a percentage of transactions like many other eCommerce sites. Also, businesses will still be handling customer service and shipping services themselves to prevent any disruptions in logistics processes. If your business is currently a Demandware or Shopify user, your products can already be featured with a “Buy It” button with the launch of buyable pins at the end of the month. Other businesses can sign the waitlist to be notified about future partnership opportunities.

Image via:

Image via:

What Does This Mean for the Future of eCommerce?

Buyable pins could potentially start a revolution in the eCommerce industry by forever changing the way that people shop. Although both Facebook and Twitter have been testing “buy buttons” recently, Pinterest is the most capable of putting a dent in the eCommerce industry because of its users’ strong purchase intent. This development also may lead businesses to reconsider the emphasis they put on their own websites as consumers will have the ability to purchase their products or services without even visiting each business’ site. Instead, businesses may be wise to switch their attention to more partnerships and merchandising opportunities. With Pinterest’s announcement of buyable pins along with Twitter, Facebook, and Google’s recent testing of buy buttons, it is safe to say that the eCommerce industry will see a profound change in how shopping is done in the near future!

Buyable pins and buttons are on course to become the future of online shopping. Pinterest is paving the way for other social media sites in the eCommerce world. We are eager to see the creative ways that consumers and businesses take advantage of this new opportunity!

Drop us a line if you would like help with your Buyable pins or Social Media Marketing efforts — oh and, Happy Pinning!

Image via


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We love links. They connect us to what we want to read, view, and purchase. It’s a hardly-noticed privilege we’ve become accustomed to–being introduced to a brand online, then simply clicking a link to learn more about said product. For years social media sites have been providing accessibility through direct links. The exception to the rule? Instagram. In 2013 brands acquired the ability to advertise on Instagram, but not link directly to an outside website. Now Instagram is stepping it up a notch.

A few weeks ago, Instagram announced it will be offering advertisers carousel-style photos and weblinks. Meaning, when users come across an ad, they will be able to swipe through multiple photos and click-through to a webpage of the brand’s choice. By clicking the “learn more” button on the carousel, an internal browser within Instagram will open so users can easily jump back to their feed.

Image via

Image via

Previously, brands mostly used Instagram ads for billboard space, meaning photos or videos would appear in user feeds as they scrolled through. The carousel feature will allow for a narrative to take place with the use of multiple photos, however this feature is still only available to paying brands.

Instagram  claims they are just evolving brand ads, and this play isn’t about increasing engagement. Still, with this new feature, brands will be able to track click-through rates, likes and comments on their ad, and whether or not users swiped through multiple photos. The carousel ads will just feature photos at this time, not videos.

Image via

Image via

The company takes a hands-on approach when working with brands that advertise with them, in order to keep user happiness their top priority — Which is why CEO Kevin Systrom will still have the final approval on all ads shown on the platform. But, with that being said, advertising is part of what keeps Instagram free for those users, so finding a balance that makes both brands and users satisfied is key.

Despite this new feature, brands still won’t have the advertising freedom they’re accustomed to with Facebook and Twitter. However, with Instagram topping over 300 million users this year, the hoops are definitely worth jumping through.

Let us know what your marketing goals are — If you have a vision of advertising on Instagram, we are definitely on board to make it a possibility.

Outdoor brands on Instagram

Tag Me and Don’t Forget The Hashtag

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“A picture says a thousand words” and that’s why Instagram is the best social platform for visual content. One picture can say a lot about your brand in just the few seconds that a follower is scrolling through their feed. Since Instagram began in 2010 it has grown to over 300 million active users. Did you know that’s more active users than Twitter?

Since we just attended Outdoor Retailer Winter Market – it got us thinking…what are some of our favorite outdoor brands on Instagram? We’ve done some research and have put together a list of our top 5.


Their Tagline on Instagram is “We make stuff that makes your life in the mountains just a little easier.” And by looking at all of their pictures, it shows exactly what they are about. Our favorite part about Mountainsmith’s instagram is that they use consumer generated content. They are generating great Instagram posts and engaging with consumers by showing they care about people who are embracing their brand.

Mountainsmith Instagram

Mission Bicycle

Mission Bicycle is a custom built bike shop in San Francisco. Their Instagram account speaks to who they are in every picture. They are post after post of different custom built bikes. They stay true to who they are while promoting a great business. So for all the bike enthusiasts they show one beautifully built bike after another. And we love the consistency.

Mission Bicycle Instagram


One of our favorite brands on Instagram. They are everything Outdoors. If we’ve ever seen an instagram account that inspires you to hit the outdoors, it’s this one. Westcomb combines the beauty of the outdoors with consumer engagement — Showing off their consumers who are personally devoted to their own #humanpoweredadventures.

Westcomb Instagram


Patagonia does an amazing job at using consumer generated content by filling their Instagram with images from their tumblr account as well as images that are tagged by patagonia slinging outdoor enthusiasts. Besides using consumer generated content – they do a great job at promoting other social channels through their Instagram, including Tumblr and their Youtube channel.

Patagonia Instagram


Evolv is “Passionate about climbing and the climbing lifestyle.” In every single Instagram post you can tell what this brand is and what they stand for. Every image relates to climbing, and Evolv as a company. They as well show consumer generated content, but they take it to the next level and show their support for consumers who have hit a roadblock or two. And showing a genuine support of these consumers is why they are one of our favorites.

Evolv Instagram

Take note from some of our favorite outdoor brands on Instagram — whether you are a brand looking to create a bigger Instagram presence or looking for inspiration for your next outdoor adventure. Be sure to follow these brands and take note of their genuine messages and user generated content.

Drop us a line and let us know how we can help you create an online presence unparalleled to any other, our marketing team is ready to make you stand out!

What are some of your favorite outdoor brands?

Alyssa Aguilar

Why Did Her Internship Come To An End So Quickly?

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Unfortunately it’s that time of year again and we have to say “see you later”, or Social <Media Intern finished her internship right before Christmas and is on to other adventures and learning experiences.  In this post, we will recap Alyssa’s experience with DO. She started 12 weeks ago  and wrote about what she hoped to achieve in our series, 12 weeks – what it’s really like to intern for a digital agency. We asked Alyssa to answer a few questions about her experience and this is what she had to say:

Wait no…it’s over already?! (insert sad emoji face) My time here at DO as a Social Media Intern has been everything I thought it would be and so much more! I am very grateful for such an opportunity. Sad that my journey as an intern has ended, but definitely cherishing all the memories and taking all the knowledge with me!

1. How would you define Digital Marketing? and how was your role crucial to the success of the Agency?

Digital Marketing to me is connecting and creating customer relationships along all digital channels – whether it be the blog, social media or website. I was the social media intern and my duties were to create content for the blog, handle the social media platforms, brainstorm in meetings for marketing campaigns, and everything in between.

2. Who were your mentors at DO and How did you like working with them?

I’ve learned and taken something from everyone that works at DO, and of course Nikki. She’s passionate about marketing, and great at what she does — I was really lucky to shadow her work and have her as a mentor. How did I like working with her? I loved it! I was able to get my hands into some deep marketing projects and she assisted the whole way. Thank you Nikki!

3.  What did you learn from your internship?

I’ve learned all about social media marketing, ranging from each social platform to analytics to blogging. I’ve always liked to write and DO gave me the freedom to get creative and publish pieces for the blog which is where I learned a lot about my expressive side.

I also learned that the agency life is the way to go too!

4. You’re finished……How do you feel about completing your internship?

I’m proud of myself for finishing strong, but yet it’s bittersweet because my weekly routine has come to an end. I met some really talented people who work at DO…including the interns!

5. Do you still want to go down the same career path after you graduate? Why/Why not?

I don’t think my passion for Marketing and Sales is going anywhere anytime soon. I am still very interested in working in either field once I graduate.

6. What was your favorite part about working with DO?

Being an intern with DO, my favorite part was the extensive amount of learning, about anything and everything I wanted! If I wanted to understand something more in depth, Nikki would direct me to the person to go to, or even set up a meeting for me to meet with whoever I wanted.

7. Would you recommend the internship program to your classmates?

In a heartbeat! I’m always so proud to say who I’ve interned for and why my friends and classmates should be interested too!

8. What were a few of your favorite memories while interning for DO?

My favorite memories are all the opportunities I was given, as well as helping Shannon decorate for the holidays, the Halloween Costume party, chatting with the interns, and of course getting experience in marketing! Also the dogs, who can’t forget all their cute faces! I’ll miss them!


Thank you Alyssa for all of your hard-work during your internship. We know you’ll be successful wherever you go and we hope you’re having a blast in Europe.

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