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Influential puppet explains ContestCore

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It was a Thursday when BJ and Adam took me aside to their room and informed me that they had a very important assignment for me to complete. The serious looks on their faces informed me that this  was the kind of assignment that separates the wheat from the part of the plant that is not wheat. This assignment would move me up to the big leagues. Opening my notebook, and moving past the pages filled with doodles of hearts and Justin Bieber I began to furiously write down the monumental task that lay ahead of me. My assignment, nay my calling –  was to find a way to find a way to get a puppet to promote ContestCore our new online contest software. It was a difficult assignment – but I knew it was one I must complete. I hit the streets trying all the tricks I knew and was turned down by many famous and semi-famous puppets alike. However just when I was about to give up and my darkest hour was upon me –  I saw him:  Professor Hans Von Puppet. He was  giving a lecture at a local college and knew he was the one. His  professorial jacket, his almost German accent, the way I could pay him to say what I wanted all told me to pursue this puppet. This was it! So ladies and gentleman I present to you Professor Hans Von Puppet giving his thoughts on ContestCore

HTML5 Case Study – Arcade Fire + Google

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html5 casestudy

So yesterday @RyanSisson, our Account Strategist at DO, calls me into his office raving about this Arcade Fire project. Let’s just say that I was amazed and felt like I actually saw something I hadn’t seen in awhile … creative use of technology.

From the Google Blog (post here):

“Today we’re excited to launch a musical experience made specifically for the browser. Called “The Wilderness Downtown”, the project was created by writer/director Chris Milk with the band Arcade Fire and Google. Building this project on the web and for the browser allowed us to craft an experience that is not only personalized, but also deeply personal for each viewer.”

This HTML5 Case Study features the following:

  • HTML5
  • Google Maps integration
  • an integrated drawing tool
  • multiple browser windows that move around the screen
  • Chrome and HTML5 supported browsers

The user experiences the following:

  • A bird’s eye view of your street (if you input your hometown address)
  • the feeling of motion
  • integration of illustrative elements with video
  • constant eye tracking from one browser window to the next
  • an engaging experience personalized for you, tapping into nostalgic memories of your street

If you have 10 minutes, go check out this awesome HTML5 project from Arcade Fire and Google.

The Old Spice Guy

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Incase you haven’t seen it yet Old Spice recently launched a campaign that responds to peoples questions from Twitter, YouTube, and Redditt. The key difference in this campaign is that they use video. Using video allows for Old Spice to leverage the personality of their newest spokesman, Isaiah Mustafa (aka “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like) as well as create the viral element, which has made this campaign so incredibly successful. Sure your company can Tweet answers back to customers, which in most cases is very useful, but to go an extra step and produce videos for each and every response bring the campaign to a new level of personality and customer appreciation. Of course having an amazing staff of writers and a one of a kind spokesman also plays a vital role in pulling off one of the best social media pushes that we’ve seen.

Some of the numbers the campaign has produced so far:

2 Days

180 Videos



More responses in a 24-hour time frame than President Obamas victory speech and the video of Susan Boyle. (Mashable)

Now it’s not known yet how many bottles of body wash or sticks of deodorant have been sold since the launch of the campaign but there are certainly a much larger group of people that are familiar with the Old Spice brand.

Here are a few of our favorites.

Thoughts On The New iPad Commercial From Apple

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The latest commercial for the iPad has just been released by Apple. You’ll notice that even though the camera views of the iPad in action are similar to those from the original commercial that aired during the Oscars but there are some significant changes to the messaging.

  • New Apple voice over voice
    • The original commercial only had music. Also this voice over is powerful in the key words and phrases they use such as “magical”, “you already know how to use it”, “its already a revolution”, “its only just begun”
  • Clips of the iPad in action outside of the home
    • They bring the iPad into multiple settings and uses such as academic, music lessons, carrying it on your scooter, and showing charts during a presentation. This is especially important in that the original add characterized the iPad as a tool that trendy and contemporary people might use while sitting on their couch or around their house.
  • More ethnicity
    • In the first commercial you will notice that the only people using the iPad were white. In the new commercial the clips transition not only from different settings but to different ethnic groups of users as well.
  • New music
    • The music is more aggressive and less trendy giving the impression that the iPad is more powerful and not just a cool toy that some people use for browsing the web and sending emails.
  • Close the generation gap
    • There is a couple clips in the new ad that show a small child with their parent using the iPad. It’s not just a tool for grownups and is simple & intuitive enough to use even for a kid.

The new ad shows that Apple is really reaching out to position the iPad as a common device for the masses and not just a nice to have luxury gadget.

New iPad Commercial

iPad Commercial From The Oscars

#InfluenceSD – San Diego’s Influential Minds Mingle

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Every big city whether New York, San Francisco or Chicago have had a stronghold on media with their populations and ability to steal the limelight when it comes to what’s hot, buzzworthy and trend-setting. Well, last night the influential minds of San Diego’s new media community got together to show that there’s a whole hell of a lot coming out of our little city. To the delight of our team, we were able to make a special contribution with our video that highlighted our 6-week voting campaign for Agency of the Year. Some think we stole some thunder, some hijacked the category, but overall most laughed with/at us.

We feel lucky to be a part of a growing community of folks in social media, digital marketing, PR, design and technology; we hope you all do as well. Here is our illustrious video in its entirety.

#InfluenceSD – Digital Operative AOY Video from Digital Operative on Vimeo.

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