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The Rule Of Three as Applied To A Brand Ambassador Program

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“The rule of three” suggests that things that come in threes are inherently more satisfying and effective than any other number of things. Whether these “things” be good or bad, we decided to test the theory…and they are right.

Most e-commerce companies know the basics of marketing: content, social and email (see, another rule of three). But, many don’t use one of the most powerful marketing tools at their disposal — A Brand Ambassador Program.

We found that there are 3 main reasons why your company should have a Brand Ambassador Program and also discovered 3 outdoor companies that are already making big moves by having a successful brand ambassador program of their own.

Three Reasons why you should have a Brand Ambassador Program:


#1 Fans

No one will love your brand, like your consumer. They are your number one fan/cheerleader. They are unbiased and love your product for the product. They owe you nothing, so you get a real genuine view of how awesome your product really is.

More Content

Without a doubt this is the best way to get more content. They will help grow your brand SEO and bring in solid traffic, hopefully it will eventually drive revenue as well. They can flood all of your channels with content, whether it be a written piece on your blog or images for your social.


This is the best way to get feedback on all of your products — these ambassadors want to see you succeed. Think of this program as your own personal think tank or focus group. They are there to help you test out new products and help gain traction and excitement surrounding the release of these new products.


3 outdoor companies already using a brand ambassador program:



They have a full page on their site dedicated to their brand ambassadors. Our favorite part is that they have broken up their ambassadors by sport – Climbing, fly fishing, skiing, snowboarding, surfing and trail running. This makes it easy for other patagonia lovers to follow ambassadors with the same interests as them.

Patagonia Brand Ambassador



“Each brings a fresh perspective to their experiences on the trail” – Describes it all on the header of the brand ambassador page. Their brand ambassador program is comprised of those that love their brand and this is something you can tell just from their brand ambassador page.

Zoic Brand Ambassador Program

Teton Sports

Their ambassadors aren’t just for promoting their brand, but for giving back and promoting a charity of their choice. There’s also a specific promo code that is associated with each “Adventurer” tha t allows consumers to help fund the charities each ambassador is raising money for. #GiveBackEndeavor

.Teton Sports Brand Ambassador Program

A Brand Ambassador program is an easy win, so use the rule of three and get out there to find your ambassadors. Don’t know where to start? Drop us a line and we can help you kickstart your own brand ambassador program.

Looking for the Ugliest Christmas Sweater in America

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Ugly shirts = pretty money? This holiday season we are hosting the first annual  “Ugly Christmas Sweater” Contest and we want everyone to enter. We all know you have that one sweater in the back of your closet that just hurts to look at, it only gets worn once a year to make your mom happy, but you really wish you could throw it in the fireplace. That’s the sweater we’re talking about! Take a picture of yourself wearing that beauty, register and submit your photo online at and you could be one of 3 winners! First prize is a $300 Visa gift card, second prize is a $150 Visa gift card, and third prize is a $50 Visa gift card. Keep in mind those prizes could really come in handy toward paying off your post-holiday debt.
We are accepting entries November 29th through December 9, 2011. After December 9th the voting process begins. Tell all your friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, reindeers and grinches – really anyone with internet access, to vote for your ugly sweater so you can be a winner! Bonus if you get Santa and the elves to vote for you, there’s no way you can lose with their votes. Voting may occur once a day per person. The top three people with the most votes and worst sweaters win! Don’t forget to share your ugly Christmas sweater on Facebook, Twitter, through email, on your blogs, messenger pigeons, and any other way you know how.
The winner will be announced on December 22, 2011. Just in time for Christmas! Could there be a better gift, than getting money for that hideous thing? I mean totally awesome Christmas sweater! You won’t be shy to wear that prized possession anymore.

To host your own contest on ContestCore or to  demo the platform, head to


Social Influence Measurement – Tools, Resources & Commentary

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Wow the last hour has been a whirlwind of blog posts, articles, tweets, links and comments covering this whole market of “social media influence.” Based on who you are that could mean different things. If you’re a marketer, you’re thinking “sure that’s important to the work I do.” If you’re a blogger, you’re thinking “that’s what my world is becoming defined by with all these campaigns, deals and events I keep getting invited to.” If you’re one of the following social influence tools, you’re thinking “I hope these people keep writing reviews and help us continue to shape our product.” This post is meant to be something organic, never-ending and hopefully a great resource for those of you just entering into the field of “social media influence or social influence measurement.”

What I love most about the following resource, is that beyond the initial content written; there is some wonderful commentary from people around the industry sharing their perspective and truly giving these tools free insights, marketing and in some cases not-so-great reviews. Please feel free to add your comment with any tools, blog posts, tweets, articles, polls or white papers I may have missed and I’ll be sure to update this post.

Social Influence Tools

Social Influence Blog Posts

Social Influence Articles

Social Influence Marketing Guides

Social Influence Twitter List

People Tweeting About Social Influence

Souplantation – Learn about their recipe for social media success

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What’s the difference between a traditional marketing plan and a marketing plan that integrates social media? It means more exposure, but more importantly it means better exposure if used correctly. Most of us know how powerful a marketing campaign can be by integrating social media into it. A lot of content is out there on the web regarding this hot topic, so we are surrounded with information about what it is, how to use it, when to use it etc. etc. It’s incredibly validating to see company’s, big and small using social media and making it a point to set aside funds specifically for this new channel.

This up-coming session at Social Media Breakfast San Diego> we have the pleasure of having, Ginger Anderson and Erika DiProfio from Souplantation coming to speak about:
1. How they have utilized social media, but more specifically how it’s been successful
2. How they’ve incorporated social media into other aspects of their marketing like Public Relations
3. How to establish a two way communication with their customers
4. How they’ve built up customer loyalty

Social media is not just a tool to help get your message out there, it’s a means to create long lasting relationships. It’s a way to connect with others not only by listening to the feedback you get, but by responding to it. We’re excited to hear about how Souplantation makes these connections at the next breakfast and hope some of you can join us for it. You can follow Souplantation on Twitter @Souplantation. Our next session is September 16, 2009 at the Milano Coffee Company in Mission Valley, CA from 7:30am-9:00am. There will be lots of pastries and coffee.

How can you turn down social media with a side of pastries and coffee?
For more information contact Erin on Twitter

Online Customer Service The JetBlue Way

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I went out to dinner the other night with some friends and the subject of social media came up, more specifically Twitter.  One person made a comment that he was skeptical of this new tool and that it seemed like it was just a bunch of noise – a way for others to promote and push themselves.  He went on to say that he has an account, but does nothing with it.  I politely began to educate him on all the wonderful aspects of this tool and continued to explain that with the right following/follower base, it can be extremely useful.

The truth of the matter is he is right in some ways.  There is a lot of noise on Twitter. A lot of people with no significant message. The best part about Twitter is that you can weed those people out.  You control what you hear.  If you care to accept the truth that Twitter is a great source on so many different levels, then you’re at least one step in the door.  Once you’ve accepted this truth, you can worry about learning how to use it with a little bit of time and patience.  For those individuals who don’t accept this, then, well, they are missing out and eventually over time as its usefulness becomes even greater, they’ll be forced to.

With all that said, I have a wonderful example to back up my claim.  Another friend of mine who needed to relocate with her 3 year old son back to Boston bought one way tickets on Jetblue to fly home only she mistakenly bought it for Boston to San Diego rather than vise versa.  Granted this was her slip-up, she got on the phone with Jetblue Airlines to explain the situation and what she had done.  It was 11:00PM and she was supposed to be leaving in 2 days.  She spent close to 3 hours on the phone with customer service only to learn her only option would be to purchase 2 new round-tip tickets at a very expensive last minute price.

So, I decided to contact @JetBlue on Twitter for her.  I explained how unyielding their telephone customer service was being.  Within 2 minutes they replied to me.  In the end after all that telephone hassle, @JetBlue helped her solve the problem in under 5 minutes.  They fixed her tickets and reimbursed her for the additional 2 new round-trip tickets she purchased. Without starting this communication on Twitter she would have been out $800 and left with a bad taste in her mouth.  Oh, the power of social media.  Talk about great customer service online.

Word of Mouth & Happy Stores

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I was just reading a post over at Logic+Emotion about Word of Mouth lists. Dave Armano talks about what “word of mouth” means and who’s on his list like Mini Cooper, Google, Youtube and others. It reminded me of something Adam was talking to me about it in relation to Happy Stores. Telling me his wife Erin loves going to Whole Foods. Here is his original post.

I started thinking who was on my list and the power “word of mouth” marketing has through me being spread across the internet and connected to so many. Was I simply a distribution point for brands over the years? Am I just the middle of the typical customer relationship cycle? Do I have control over my own ability to cause change in people’s decision making when choosing Brand A over Brand B?

What do you think?

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