UNDERSTANDING YOUR BUSINESS IS KEY. We've been refining our digital strategy for years. We want to learn about your customers, competition, challenges and needs. Integrate ecommerce, mobile, social & retail; don't forget CRO (conversion rate optimization & Testing).

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Digital Strategy Services - Ecommerce, Social, Mobile & Retail

In every scenario, you've got something you want to achieve. You need to know the how, what, who, when and where. We work with you to understand the most important aspect - the why. Once you understand the why, you can develop customer personas, messaging platforms, channel strategies and a program to test it all. Without a sound digital strategy and online business plan; you're going nowhere fast. Whether you are building an integrated digital marketing campaign, creating buzz for a new consumer product or developing a brand awareness program spanning digital & retail; a smart digital strategy starts with sound planning.


Our digital strategy consulting starts with gathering the information and data we need to assess the big picture. As we dive into market research, customer feedback, competitive landscaping, tapping the social swell; we gain a better sense of how your brand can truly be successful in the digital world. After we've distilled all of the data, we work with you to implement the right solution.


Our Digital Strategy services cover the following:

  • Market Research - Consumer behavior surveys, Persona development, target audience profiling, competitive landscaping, brand positioning & messaging platform
  • Go-to-Market Planning - Launching a new product into the digital world? Custom online business planning services for you.
  • Ecommerce - We work with early-stage to enterprise level customers in establishing and enhancing their ecommerce practice.
  • Digital Marketing Strategy- Search (SEO, Paid), digital media, email, experiential, social media, content, mobile, analytics
  • Customer Experience & Innovation Consulting - What innovation platforms or feedback tools are available? Scope, Identify, Build, Launch
  • Conversion Optimization & Testing (CRO) - Whether it's building out a new Optimization & Testing program, increasing conversion rate or usability testing website features; DO offers a comprehensive approach. We are also a certified Optimizely Solutions Partner.
Optimizely Certified Solution Partner

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