The Challenge

iVillage approached Digital Operative to help with a series of digital brand programs that leveraged influencer outreach, social media, contests, sweepstakes and content development. Within each program Digital Operative was able to be an agile, adaptive extension of the iVillage in-house team. Digital Operative was involved in the following programs:

  • American Express “The Talk” – this campaign was designed to target Digital Moms with Teens on the responsibility of spending money
  • NBC’s “Parenthood” – this campaign targeted fans of the hit tv show and promoted the upcoming season 2
  • Flumist “iVoices” – this campaign targeted influential women across all NBC local markets that could represent themselves as “citizen journalists” for this iVillage network

Our Approach

Within each program that Digital Operative worked on there was always a strategic planning phase that allowed collaboration with the teams inside iVillage. DO brought fresh thinking to the table, a mom blogger network and the ability to execute and drive results.

For the American Express campaign, “The Talk,” DO created a hub for the digital moms that would be targeted during outreach, emails and social media marketing. A UGC contest microsite ( was created that would allow moms to submit videos of themselves “have the talk” with their children. In order to drive engagement around this contest platform, Digital Operative used a multi-pronged approach in sponsoring prizes on external mom blogs, sending out blogger kits that included “Talk Tips” cards, links to a promotional videos and inviting moms via social media (Twitter, Facebook, Forums). In addition to driving engagement, DO was responsible for driving views of the campaign videos on the iVillage channels. The three (3) videos were the most popular and viewed for that campaign time period and over the next 2 years. To support the views KPI, DO embedded the video players onto the contest microsite and targeted multiple blogger segments from Moms to Family-related to Funny/Viral sites to Financial.

Sample Coverage of Campaign:

  • Mom Smack –
  • Mom Smack –
  • Fashionably Organized –
  • Mama Mary Show –

The overall campaign was a big success and the mom bloggers who were involved at the time are now influencers acorss various segments of the “parenting” space. DO would like to think that part of their role was truly “talent acquisition” as there was a saturated market of mom bloggers.

The Results

Upon taking over the project, Digital Operative helped create a unique customer experience and increase social reach and campaign success.

  • American Express “The Talk” program
    • Blogger Outreach – estimated 75 reached and their audience was estimated to be 500,000
    • Video Seeding – multiple parenting/mom/financial websites
    • Video Views – estimated to have been 250,000+ (increased over the years)
    • Contest – 350 emails acquired, 20 video submissions
    • “Future-proofed the iVillage Youtube channel with SEO/Optimization techniques
  • NBC’s “Parenthood” Contest (fully managed by DO)
    • 200 submissions
    • 2,000+ emails acquired (signups)
    • 4,500+ votes
  • Flumist/iVoices
    • Reached out to 75 mom bloggers across ten (10) local NBC markets
      • Had a 75% response rate
    • One (1) of DO’s contributed digital women became official local correspondent for iVillage from Pasadena, CA
    • Continued to build up iVillage’s social media outreach in-directly