More Than Just Digital Agency Services.

We ensure you have access to a well-balanced suite of services that are integrated in order to help you reach the anywhere customer in this connected world.

Market Research

Driven by cultural trends, emerging technologies and an ever-changing customer experience, DO provides the insights necessary to understand where you are and where you’re going. Using primary and secondary research, DO creates audience profiles that are aligned with the right touch points and communicate your brand promise. We’ll also take a look at the competition and build a landscape to identify opportunities and sentiment.

Strategy & Planning

From platform selection to customer journey planning, we utilize a mix of branding, human feedback and data to truly understand your current and potential audience. During this process, we’ll assess your strengths and weaknesses across a variety of areas like experience, branding, technology and marketing to help created a more connected brand ecosystem. Learn more about our Strategy offerings.

User Experience

UX has become one of the most critical elements of a customer’s perception of your brand as s/he interacts across this multi-device world. We believe great experiences are the core of every website, mobile app, marketing campaign and retail environment. Our UX practitioners will leverage both human factors and analytics data to determine the appropriate experience across multiple devices as well as moments of innovation.

Visual Design

Our award-winning creative team will deliver a branded experience that engages, entices and inspires your target audience. We offer a creative process that is fully immersive and collaborative. We feel it is our responsibility to understand your brand’s equity and affinity with your audience. We pride ourselves in creating beautiful interfaces, campaign creative and identities. Learn more about our Design capabilities.

Digital Marketing

Using our Think Big, Start Small, Adapt principle, we construct a multi-channel digital marketing program leveraging our expertise in Media Planning, SEO, PPC, Email marketing, Social Media, Content Development and Mobile. With demonstrated success in customer acquisition and retention, DO’s marketing team prides itself in its ability to define and exceed KPIs. DO’s digital marketing capabilities also cover domestic (US) and global (EMEA, APAC, LATAM) markets. Learn more about our Marketing services.

Technology & Development

We are building tomorrow’s solutions. We work with you to map out your existing or new technology systems in order to understand where success can be created as it pertains to scalability and performance. Our Enterprise-level experience ensures the most complex projects are simple for the end user. We specialize in responsive experiences using device-agnostic methodologies for web, tablet, mobile and HD monitors. We work with the following languages and platforms – Magento, ExpressionEngine, Drupal, WordPress, Social Sign On, ERP, OMS, POS, CMS, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, iOS and Android. Learn more about our Technology services including Magento development and CMS development.

Analytics & Optimization

We believe data can be the most powerful tool in understanding your customers and how to differentiate your digital marketing channel mix. Our approach includes channel reporting, attribution models, tag management and analytics. We provide actionable insights and cross-channel tracking to drive true business intelligence from big data. Our team is Google Analytics certified. Our Optimization & Testing practice involves combing analytics data and user testing to determine opportunities for improving conversion rates, solving usability issues or validating design prototypes.

Managed Support

Your technology systems require constant monitoring and management. We offer a monthly support package to ensure that someone other than you is watching what is happening across your platforms. Our support includes items like monitoring for hosting, ecommerce and performance. We also include a dedicated point of contact for you as well as access to a variety of resources as needed, whether those be design, marketing, analytics, testing or development. Learn more about our Managed Support.

“We understand that a brand’s customer is expecting a seamless experience across touch points and that’s what my job is focused on – the relentless pursuit for making sure our clients understand the challenges of this connected world and how to constantly adapt to it”

– Amanda Russell, UX Lead

A full-service digital agency helping brands integrate content, commerce and community.

Digital Operative, or DO as we call it, wants to be your best-in-class digital partner for the long haul. While striving to deliver you innovation and exceed your goals, we also understand there’s a reality surrounded by budgets, timelines, decision makers and expectations. We have demonstrated success in servicing multiple business units with multiple challenges to ensure the outcome serves everyone’s needs. Core to this is DO’s Strategy & Planning practice that ensures we start from the same page and work together along the way, defeating challenges, validating assumptions and creating a future vision. They’re engaged every step of the way.
As a full-service digital agency, we want you to be ready to connect to your customer at every touch point. It needs to be seamless. It needs to deliver your brand’s promise. It needs to be memorable – because in a connected world like today; you are one click, one share and one like away from having that customer forever.