Experiences Designed for Your Customers

Thoughtful experiences are central to every successful environment. Our user experience (UX) agency team bridges data, strategy and content to deliver a complete customer journey designed to drive your business goals.

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User Research

Beginning with a discovery phase, we conduct both quantitative and qualitative research to better understand your customers’ desires through their thoughts, feelings, and actions. Our approach is human-centered, and our research methods aim to empathize with your users, so we can design a solution that works for them.

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Information Architecture

The key to a successful structure is a solid foundation. We create solutions that solidify the structure of your website or product, including its sitemap, hierarchies, categorization, product attributes, and navigation. We understand what your users are looking for, and simplify the architecture to help them get there. Each project is unique, and we develop custom solutions based on variables such as shopability, scalability, and findability of products and/or content.

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Content Strategy

We perform a content inventory and review your site’s copy, images, videos, stories, ads, and every other meaningful element that the user will engage with. We propose a solution that consolidates, adds, and/or removes content to better reflect your business and user goals, ensuring that all content in the resulting design is both substantial and useful.

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User Flows

From customer journey mapping, to site flows, to individual page flows, we are always thinking about the journey from the point of view of your user. We develop solutions to your site’s current flow, and propose ways to optimize the experience for every customer segment, ensuring that users will be able to efficiently arrive at where they want to go, while enjoying the ride on the way.

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Omnichannel Design

With infinite touch points available to your customers, we think of your experience not as individual pages, but rather a fluid system to ensure that it responds delightfully on all screen sizes and environments. Our goal is to support user behavior through every device.

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Interaction Design

When it comes to wireframing, whether low-fidelity whiteboard sketches or high-fidelity interactive prototypes, we weave function and user behavior together. We think through all user interactions- from the big picture to the micro-details, using data and analysis to inform our solutions. We are pro sketchers, thinkers, and dreamers, constantly scheming creative and quick iterations to deliver a design that not only satisfies the end user, but exceeds their expectations.

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Rapid Usability Testing

Using interactive prototypes, we capture feedback quickly and efficiently to ensure proper usability and completion of user tasks. This creates maximum confidence for project acceleration, and allows for a smooth transition into the visual design and development phases.

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