Aug 08

Digital Operative Partners with Sentient Technologies to Provide AI-Powered Testing and Optimization Using Sentient Ascend™

Summary: Digital Operative, Inc., a full-service digital agency, announces a strategic partnership with Sentient Technologies to provide Sentient’s artificial intelligence (AI) powered conversion rate optimization (CRO) solution, Sentient Ascend, to offer scalable testing programs for ecommerce companies seeking fast growth and digital optimization. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Chelsey DeBalsi, Agency Marketing Manager Digital Operative, Inc. (619) 795-0630 San Diego, CA – ...Read More

Aug 04

Meet Edgar Moscoso, Email Marketing & CRM Specialist

We are excited to welcome our new Email Marketing & CRM Specialist, Edgar Moscoso, to our team in San Diego! Edgar is a Southern California native with a background in graphic design, email marketing, and communications. He spent the last ten years running email focused marketing and communications for Petco, and before that, he served ...Read More

Aug 01

Introducing Sylvia Prats, Senior Visual Designer

We are excited to welcome our new Senior Visual Designer, Sylvia Prats to our team in San Diego! And, the best part about Sylvia is, she's technically not a "new" employee. She was a Design Intern at DO in 2010, and liked us so much that she decided to come back a few years later! Sylvia ...Read More

Jul 24

Welcome Nick Boyajian, Director of Development

We are excited to introduce our most recent new hire, Nick Boyajian - our new Director of Development! Nick moved to San Diego just a couple of months ago from New York City, so he is still working on adjusting to the relaxed West Coast lifestyle. His background is in computing, tech operations, and support ...Read More

Jul 17

Meet Anne Lau, Our New Director of Operations

We are excited to introduce Anne Lau as our new Director of Operations! Anne is another one of our East Coast natives, who moved out to LA from New York in 2015, and to San Diego only three months ago. She has nearly eight years of experience in resource management, and will be applying this ...Read More

Jun 20

Finding The ‘Happy Paths’ Of Your Website

If you’ve created customer personas, chances are that you've spent valuable time and resources, or maybe even hired an agency to do the necessary research, speak with focus groups or utilize fancy listening platforms. If you have an ecommerce business and determined your ideal audience through persona building, the next logical step is to give ...Read More

Jun 13

The Awwwards Digital Thinkers Conference

A couple of weeks ago we attended The Awwwards Digital Thinkers Conference in sunny Los Angeles. The two day event consisted of 20 of the most influential, accomplished, and inspiring design thinkers, all gathering to let their messages be heard. And luckily, we were there to absorb as much as possible. We trekked up from ...Read More

May 03

Predictive Analytics: What is it and Why it is Important

A vast amount of information is being collected online every day. Whether it’s names, email addresses, social media usernames, purchase history, hobbies and interests we’ve decided to share with the world via the internet, companies are now tracking and storing incredible amounts of data on every single one of us. One reason businesses are doing ...Read More

Feb 20

Creating an Effective Personalization Strategy

Personalized Strategy? We can DO that! As marketers, we all know that the easiest way to reach all of our customers at once is to use one generic, cookie-cutter strategy across multiple devices and platforms for many different industries, right? Wrong! (But we all knew that) This would be a great strategy if we didn’t want ...Read More

Feb 13

The Death of QR Codes and The Rise of New Technology

As technology continues to progress at a faster rate than ever, certain technologies tend to be forgotten and left by the wayside. One of those being the invention of the QR code. A QR code (short for Quick Response code) is essentially a more complex version of a barcode. It's the black and white square image ...Read More