More Than Just Digital Agency Services

We’ve been consulting on digital strategies for years. From go-to-market strategies to user experience to product marketing; our Strategy & Planning team helps understand your customer’s needs, develop a roadmap and stays involved to ensure proper execution. From platform selection to customer journey planning, we utilize a mix of branding, human feedback and data to truly understand your current and potential audience. During this process, we’ll assess your strengths and weaknesses across a variety of areas like experience, branding, technology and marketing to help created a more connected brand ecosystem.

Creating Your Roadmap

Our Strategy & Planning offering starts with gathering the information & data we need to assess your current position. As we dive into market research, customer feedback, competitive landscaping, tapping the social swell; we begin to build out a Customer Journey Map that shows where they are, what they are doing and what messaging will resonate the most. In alignment with your goals, the Customer Journey Map steers elements like digital media mix, creative messaging, technology platforms and marketing channels.

Market Research

Driven by cultural trends, emerging technologies and an ever-changing customer experience, DO provides the insights necessary to understand where you are and where you’re going. Using primary and secondary research, DO creates audience profiles that are aligned with the right touch points and communicate your brand promise. We’ll also take a look at the competition and build a landscape to identify opportunities and sentiment.

User Experience

UX has become one of the most critical elements of a customer’s perception of your brand as s/he interacts across this multi-device world. We believe great experiences are the core of every website, mobile app, marketing campaign and retail environment. Our UX practitioners will leverage both human factors and analytics data to determine the appropriate experience across multiple devices as well as moments of innovation.

Analytics & Optimization

We believe data can be the most powerful tool in understanding your customers and how to differentiate your digital marketing channel mix. Our approach includes channel reporting, attribution models, tag management and analytics. We provide actionable insights and cross-channel tracking to drive true business intelligence from big data. Our team is Google Analytics certified. Our Optimization & Testing practice involves combing analytics data and user testing to determine opportunities for improving conversion rates, solving usability issues or validating design prototypes.

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