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In today’s connected world, your customer’s attention is fragmented across channels like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and more. We create integrated social media & influencer strategies driven by Data, Brand Storytelling, Content, Commerce and Technology.
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We start with Social Listening. We assess your current market perception, category chatter & trends then we develop a strategic framework to facilitate both Organic & Paid Social. This framework guides your team, our team and provides direction for reputation management, influencer outreach, content development, and crisis management.


Using our strategic framework, we activate variety of tactics for you that will enable customer conversations through influencer outreach, affiliate programs, brand partnerships, contests, brand experiences, and targeted social channels.


Social media involves more than conversations about your company; it has a direct impact on revenue, traffic, and market share. We deliver analysis and insights to drive better decisions about your social media marketing.

A Full Service Approach

Social Media is not a new buzz word; today’s marketers are managing Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, and more everyday. Are you being strategic in your approach? Do you know what you’re measuring? We can help you engage with your customers through social media by finding out where they are both online and offline and analyzing what they are already talking about. We use these insights to unlock new audiences for you.

With a sound social media marketing strategy, we can get you on your way to igniting conversations, engaging your target audience, and building value-driven relationships with your community. For those folks that don’t have the time to manage all of this on their own, we offer Organic social media management that is strategic and goal-focused, and that will seamlessly support your other marketing channels. Try our Social Media Management Support Plan – both 6-month and 12-month contracts are available.

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Our Social Media Marketing Services Include:

  • Strategy and program development – Organic, Paid, Influencers
  • Social media management (monthly content development, distribution, quarterly campaigns and more)
  • Social media contests and promotions
  • Customer community mapping (identify existing networks of customers)
  • Content development – blog posts, photography, videos, GIFs, motion graphics, curation of UGC/Influencer-driven
  • Conversational marketing campaigns – Chatbots, Facebook Messenger Marketing, SMS campaigns
  • Social media monitoring and reporting (Netbase, Sprout Social, Hootsuite, Google Analytics, Upfluence)
  • Social media app & microsite development

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