Who We Are At Our Core

We’re dreamers, builders, and makers. We’re the nerds that camped out in computer class, the overachievers raising our hands in English, the artists getting in trouble for doodling where we weren’t suppose to. And then you know what happened? We all honed in on our skills. Polished, sharpened, and perfected them… and here we are. It’s nice to meet you, we’re Digital Operative (DO).

A Diverse & Hardworking Crew of DOers

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Daniel Greenberg

Senior Project Manager

Melissa Kerlin

Director of Operations

Dan Schuessler

Ecommerce Account Manager
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Ben Jacobs

Digital Solutions Consultant

Rocky Jacobs

Director of Snuggles

Ryan Keelaghan

Senior Developer

Christian Carlson

Senior Developer

Sean Kronfeld

Digital Marketing Solutions Consultant

Sam Shaw

Project Coordinator

Christopher Neiman

Shopify Developer

Chris Montenegro

Marketplace Manager
tamar (1)

Tamar Etminan

Human Resources Manager

Ollie Etminan

Office Obsession
chelsie (2)

Chelsie Kurz

Senior eCommerce Account Manager
Jeremy Hamilton | Director of Project Management

Jeremy Hamilton

Director of Project Management
Senior Project Manager | Mike Lamoureux

Mike Lamoureux

Senior Project Manager
Mater | Dogs of DO

Mater Cook

Guest Author

Adam Levenson

CTO & Co-founder
Jonathan Tufano

Jonathan Tufano

VP, Revenue
Rod Johnson

Rod Johnson

Visual Designer
Clinton Neal

Clinton Neal

Terri Goddard

Terri Goddard

Director of Accounts
Director of Digital Marketing | Jenny Chesley

Jenny Chesley

Director of Digital Marketing
Software Developer | Sagar Bhatt

Sagar Bhatt

Software Developer
Sylvia Prats

Sylvia Prats

Senior Visual Designer

BJ Cook

CEO & Co-founder

Scott Smith

Director of Design
Dogs of DO

Hux Chesley

Agency Marketing Intern
Emily Dahl

Emily Dahl

Project Manager
Danny Ginn

Danny Ginn

VP, Engineering
Brian Lee

Brian Lee

Senior Solutions Architect / Certified Magento Developer Plus
Rachel Ravichandar

Rachel Ravichandar

Senior Magento Developer

Nick Powell

Optimization Architect
Fasha Delano Strom

Fasha Delano Strom

Lunch Stealer
Ryan Melamed

Ryan Melamed

VP, Strategy & Growth
Michael Manhire

Michael Manhire

Front End Developer
Barbie Newman

Barbie Newman

Digital Marketing Specialist
Lonny Burgos

Lonny Burgos

Lead Developer