Ecommerce Strategy

A Strategic Approach to Growth

Before we start implementing a solution, we need to know for whom the solution is created. Our first step is creating personas. Personas are valuable in bringing to life generalized representations of a brand’s audience, and at the same time, providing guidance to our creative process. These personas are created by combining primary and secondary research of the market, the vertical, and the existing customer base.

Visual Design

Using Design to Guide Customers

Our creative exploration phase begins with design analysis, which includes reviewing competitors in the marketplace and the latest design landscape. At this point, our team starts to gather inspiration and begins to formulate a specific direction for the brand’s new look and feel to effectively drive consumers through a desired journey.

Magento 2 Open Source Architecture & Development

Online Innovation

For a brand that strives to provide products of the highest quality and performance, it was essential that Injinji’s digital presence provide the same attributes online. This was achieved through a fully responsive and interactive website on Magento 2 Open Source, featuring high quality imagery, enticing content, and an ecommerce experience that captures the brand’s core values and personality.

The Outcome

Accountable for Our Results

Digital Operative successfully replatformed Injinji to Magento 2 Open Source, restructured their ecommerce strategy, and ultimately redesigned their entire digital presence. The result was a multi-award winning website that won a Davey Award and a Web Award. With tangible proof of our success (see below), we are confident that we helped Injinji produce an ecommerce experience that better captures the brand’s core values and personality

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overall average order value
+ 0 %
overall revenue
+ 0 %
mobile average order value
+ 0 %
mobile revenue

The Injinji team worked with Digital Operative (DO) to upgrade our site to Magento 2 Open Source, and continue to work with DO for monthly development support. DO took the time to learn about our product, target market and culture which was executed and carried through to our new site in a way that exemplifies the quality of our brand. Since launch, we’ve experienced an increase in average order value and revenue both overall and on mobile, and much of that can be attributed to the quality of DO’s work and the flexibility of the Magento 2 Open Source platform.

Claire Kooperman

Brand Manager
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