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Our Approach

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BJ Cook // CEO & co-founder

BJ heads up the the following area for Digital Operative: bridging digital marketing and technology to engage customers and provide an integrated multi-touchpoint experience


With over 12 years of experience in driving growth through digital strategies, interactive marketing and website design, BJ offers clients a hybrid view of reaching business goals. Whether you want to engage your online community with social applications, increase acquisition & retention strategies or create a unified message across multiple touch points; let BJ be your guide through this ever changing digital landscape. From time to time, you might find BJ writing on our digital marketing blog about some of the newest emerging digital media trends and giving out free tips to companies about how to improve customer engagement strategies.


Before co-founding Digital Operative, BJ developed experience working in a variety of roles from package designer, new media designer, search marketing manager, digital marketing director and most recently CMO of SuggestionBox.com. Throughout his career he has emerged as one of the top digital marketers, helping brands navigate the ebb and flow of the web. With the trends in digital, mobile, customer experience and social media; BJ has spoken on these topics as well as educated many young marketers and C-level executives on why developing integrated digital strategies is so critical to their business.


When BJ isn't spreading the word about new projects, you might find him having lunch at El Agave, riding his Giant Anthem x2 29er or spending time with his wife, Sarah and his kids, Helena, Gunner and Harper. BJ also enjoys his involvement as host of Social Media Breakfast in San Diego. If you want to stay on top of what's new with BJ, check him out at twitter.com/bj


  • Voted as Top 100 Most Influential Marketers of 2009
  • Voted #4 on Top 25 Online Marketers of the Decade



Adam Levenson // CTO & co-founder

Adam is the go-to-guy at Digital Operative for digital technologies, social media apps, website development and interactive marketing.


With more than 12 years experience in web technologies, interactive marketing, website design and website analytics; Adam is not only able to identify the proper mediums for clients, but also how to bridge the marketing and technology requirements for their projects. His passion for endless knowledge and awareness for what is possible makes Adam a key player in this digital space. His ideas are bountiful and you can find them on our blog.


Prior to co-founding Digital Operative, Adam's career always had a blend of marketing and technology. Most recently, he was the Product Marketing Manager at SuggestionBox.com. In this role, Adam was responsible for interactive marketing, PRD's, wireframing and product strategy. In the early days, Adam started Simple Pixel, a website design firm that helped companies make smarter business decisions. As Adam headed to San Diego, he joined the crew at Fishtank Brand Advertising as director of interactive where he handled clients' digital strategies from planning to execution. After Fishtank, Adam headed back east to Boston where he was the director of technology for Pixelgroove. At Pixelgroove, he built integrated marketing campaigns and ecommerce solutions.


Adam believes that this isn't his job because he loves what he does; this is his passion. When he's not building site architectures or brainstorming campaigns, you can find Adam riding his Specialized mtb, playing roller hockey or spending time with his wife, Erin, who is a fabulous baker. If you're really interested in what Adam is up to, check him out at twitter.com/adamlevenson



Now that you've met the co-founders, it's good to know there are twenty other smart folks powering the DO engine on a day-to-day basis. If you're interested in learning more about our agency, then contact us here.