October 27, 2008 By BJ Cook,
With all of the news spreading about downsizing and closing shop, the deadpool of the tech space continues to grow. According to the Techcrunch Layoff Tracker, 22,151 people were told that their last day was coming. Whether not a top contributor or part of a whole mismanagement of funding; these are real people with a real problem facing them. Just like them, we were faced with the questions, "What do we do now?" Here were our options:
  • Create a resume and apply for job
  • Freelance and try to make it month to month
  • Dilute our savings, scan the market for opportunities and do it
So we opted for #3 and found that from working together we would be a team that could supercharge a company's marketing and technology efforts as well as help others avoid the mistakes that happen at a startup. So 4 sleepless nights and 5 different designs later, Digital Operative launched. We set milestones and goals for ourselves and hit every one. It was the first test of working together inthis capacity and seeing if we could really apply an "agile rapid development" mindset to building our own website. We did it. Digital Operative will be seeking new people to work with starting today and spreading the word throughout our network. This team is seasoned, passionate and has a track record of delivering results at every company we've ever touched. Visit our new website and learn more about who we are and what we do.

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