December 16, 2008 By BJ Cook,
In case anyone was actually reading my tweets tonight, I managed to build my own pair of custom Nike 6.0 shoes using their NikeID web application. You can view the custom shoes here. As I was building my shoes and completing my purchase I started to think about how the release of Facebook Connect was really going to impact my browsing and buying process. Was it really going to get more social? Would I share my purchases with friends? Would I want to receive product recommendations based on the scraping of my profile information? Sure! Why not? So I went one step further and tapped back into my designer shoes (such a pun) and mocked up what I thought would be a simple baby step into integrating with Facebook Connect. Nike is already such a community driven brand that this would seem like a natural progression, right? So I took the confirmation screen as shown below and added what I thought were some key elements to keep the experience going. Too many times do we complete that whole sales funnel that Information Architects and Usability Experts spend hours trying to design without any real continuation of the experience. I know we design them too and work hard to give you ways to do something with the end result. So, why not keep the interaction and experience going? Enter Facebook Connect. In the following screen, I've added some basic interaction points: [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="400" caption="Nike Plus Facebook Connect"]Nike Plus Facebook Connect[/caption] [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="My version of Nike Plus meets Facebook Connect"]My version of Nike Plus meets Facebook Connect[/caption] 1. Share with Friends - Allow me to syndicate my purchase to my friends on Facebook. Sure I'd love to let them know that I just spent 30 minutes building a sweet pair of shoes. I want them to know that they match my company's colors and our name is on the back. One click and BAM! Instant product marketing for Nike utilizing a social media channel. 2. Save to My Locker - So if Nike doesn't already have a Facebook App called Nike Locker then they should. They've got Fan pages on there for Nike+ and LeBron James, what about an apps to store my favorite Nike purchases and wishlist items? Anyway. I can save this in my locker and then cross off another item I've successfully purchases. Then next birthday, I can share my wishlist items via a link that takes them to Nike and when purchased automatically checks it off in my Nike Locker app. Okay so I went on a tangent, but we love apps and socializing them! 3. My Information - It's great to pull my information so I don't have to register at another website. Show my photo to personalize the experience more and give me a quick link to take me to my Facebook profile and show me how my purchase was just syndicated. There are many other instances and examples of how Facebook Connect will be driving social commerce this year, but it's late and I've got some other things to attend to. I'd love to hear your ideas about how you think Nike could integrate more features or just feel free to list the websites you think should be using Facebook Connect in 2009.

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