October 14, 2009 By BJ Cook,
High-end conferences are huge these days. Events such as TED, Behance & Pop!Tech provide exclusivity and opportunity for each attendee that can afford to shell out thousands of dollars just for the ticket. Most of these conferences are posting content on the web for free which is great but free videos online do not provide the relational dynamic of attending a conference in person. However there is a chance for the rest of us, the model called an unconference. It’s a no charge, open to everyone format that talks about and challenges attendees on the same topics as the expensive conferences, sometimes even including the same speakers. One of the key ways that an unconference exists is through donations and sponsors. This month Digital Operative will be sponsoring the lunch at Bil:Pil, an unconference focused around the health care industry taking place October 30th & 31st at San Diego State University. Come check it out, all are welcome. For more information on Bil:Pil you can visit the event site www.bilpil.com

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