April 24, 2009 By BJ Cook,
So I just got an email from AdAge. Figured is was about some big agency launching the next best social media campaign, viral Flash microsite or how someone jumped ship from CPB that used to work for JWT and is now dating someone from TBWA. Whew ... What I found was the Small Agency Awards brought to you by AdAge.
  • $150 per entry
  • Agency must have 75 employees or less
  • Two categories: "Small Agency of the Year" or "Campaign of the Year"
  • Final entry deadline is May 22nd
I was reviewing the categories trying to see where DO would best fall. We're too new for the Agency of the Year, but consider this my virtual nomination. We do have a great campaign, that unfortunately, we can't talk about due to this legal, acronymed document and others. To all those little guys out there, go on with your badselves and submit your work, be proud to be small and keep doing big things! Madison Avenue isn't looking so good these days. But here in San Diego, things are thriving and I've noticed many little agencies popping up all over around here. Best of luck!

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