August 20, 2009 By Eric,
What's the difference between a traditional marketing plan and a marketing plan that integrates social media? It means more exposure, but more importantly it means better exposure if used correctly. Most of us know how powerful a marketing campaign can be by integrating social media into it. A lot of content is out there on the web regarding this hot topic, so we are surrounded with information about what it is, how to use it, when to use it etc. etc. It's incredibly validating to see company's, big and small using social media and making it a point to set aside funds specifically for this new channel. This up-coming session at Social Media Breakfast San Diego> we have the pleasure of having, Ginger Anderson and Erika DiProfio from Souplantation coming to speak about: 1. How they have utilized social media, but more specifically how it's been successful 2. How they've incorporated social media into other aspects of their marketing like Public Relations 3. How to establish a two way communication with their customers 4. How they've built up customer loyalty Social media is not just a tool to help get your message out there, it's a means to create long lasting relationships. It's a way to connect with others not only by listening to the feedback you get, but by responding to it. We're excited to hear about how Souplantation makes these connections at the next breakfast and hope some of you can join us for it. You can follow Souplantation on Twitter @Souplantation. Our next session is September 16, 2009 at the Milano Coffee Company in Mission Valley, CA from 7:30am-9:00am. There will be lots of pastries and coffee. How can you turn down social media with a side of pastries and coffee? For more information contact Erin on Twitter

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