April 23, 2010 By BJ Cook,
Social Media Rockstar was an idea that was manifested into what we would say was the perfect storm.

Content + Design + Technology + Marketing = Digital Marketing

Our team created this in one day and released via Twitter. We wrapped the page link with Bit.ly so we could track click throughs in addition to phonecalls to Google Voice phone#, website visitors via Google Analytics and even phonecalls to our San Diego office for those unsuspecting folks that just didn't get it. So based on our open, transparent culture; we're going to go ahead and share all that juicy data with you.

Creating the conversation is the central goal for any social media marketing these days, so let's take a look at what was being said about Social Media Rockstar. I hope you found this case study useful, insightful or just interesting. Look forward to our next holiday campaign coming to a theater near you!

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