September 1, 2010 By BJ Cook,
html5 casestudy So yesterday @RyanSisson, our Account Strategist at DO, calls me into his office raving about this Arcade Fire project. Let's just say that I was amazed and felt like I actually saw something I hadn't seen in awhile ... creative use of technology. From the Google Blog (post here): "Today we’re excited to launch a musical experience made specifically for the browser. Called “The Wilderness Downtown”, the project was created by writer/director Chris Milk with the band Arcade Fire and Google. Building this project on the web and for the browser allowed us to craft an experience that is not only personalized, but also deeply personal for each viewer." This HTML5 Case Study features the following:
  • HTML5
  • Google Maps integration
  • an integrated drawing tool
  • multiple browser windows that move around the screen
  • Chrome and HTML5 supported browsers
The user experiences the following:
  • A bird's eye view of your street (if you input your hometown address)
  • the feeling of motion
  • integration of illustrative elements with video
  • constant eye tracking from one browser window to the next
  • an engaging experience personalized for you, tapping into nostalgic memories of your street
If you have 10 minutes, go check out this awesome HTML5 project from Arcade Fire and Google.

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