November 5, 2010 By BJ Cook,
Good thing you asked. If you subscribe to this blog, follow us on Twitter, Like our Facebook page; then you're in the know. We've moved from the digital channels of spreading mustache love around San Diego to event planning. Yes DO can do more than just SEO, design a sweet website, build an interactive app; offline is in our blood. So how can you get involved with Movember in our great city of San Diego? Here's our Top 10.
  1. Go learn more about Movember and decide to start your own movement or join #TEAMSAN
  2. Come to our official event at SidebarSD on Nov.17, 2010 and RSVP
  3. Follow the San Diego movement @MovemberSD and retweet RT away
  4. Donate your hard earned cash here
  5. Grow a MO and spread the word to friends and family
  6. Buy a Movember tee shirt from our friends over at Jedidiah
  7. Join the MovemberSD Facebook group
  8. Attend the gala party on December 2, 2010 at Double Deuce
  9. MO Sistas - encourage your man friend to grow a MO
  10. If you have a stache, let it all hang out because Movember 2011 is a whole year away.
If you want to come to our event, check out the details below:

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