September 14, 2011 By BJ Cook,

We took a break from working so hard to do a short interview with Evan Kosowski, one of our highly skilled graphic designers here at Digital Operative. We asked him 10 of the hardest and most vital questions we could think of, check out what he had to say! What do you do at Digital Operative? All things graphic. What are 3 things on your desk right now? Cell phone, headphones and my trusty coffee. What is your favorite food? Nothing beats a juicy burger. Mac or PC? Mac + PC? Where are you from and how long have you lived in San Diego? From Buffalo, New York. Been in San Diego for exactly 8 months. What is your favorite activity? Surfing, can't get enough. Where did you go on your last vacation? Took a weekend trip to Catalina Island recently. It was surprisingly serene. What is the last CD/MP3 you bought? It was probably the newest Death Cab for Cutie album "Codes and Keys". What is your favorite airline to fly on? Clearly JetBLue is where its at. What brand would you love to work with? A brand like Nike where the potential is endless and the style is cutting edge. Thanks Evan! Only been in San Diego for 8 months, but you sure are living the SoCal life! P.S. To see some of Evan's work just look at the graphics on this blog. He's created most of the DOodles' title graphics!

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