May 16, 2011 By Adam,

With thousands of modules available in Magento Connect, finding the right tool for the job can sometimes be a daunting task. Below are the top 5 free Magento modules that we think every store must have. They will help improve the performance of your website (in turn a better user experience) and the efficiency of managing your store.
  1. Fooman Speedster - Compresses and caches your Javascript and CSS files, increasing the speed of page loads and reducing the hits on your server.
  2. Fooman Google Analytics Plus - Tracks every step of the one page checkout and other pages that use AJAX for multiple sections, allowing you to better understand and analyze the conversion funnel.
  3. One Pica CDN - Offload your product and category images to a content delivery network (CDN) such as Amazon S3,  and Rackspace Cloud Files, reducing the load on your server and increasing the speed of page loads.
  4. Jirafe Analytics - The missing Magento dashboard that displays real time analytics and actionable data, empowering you to better understand your customers' conversion process.
  5. Enhanced Admin Product Grid - Better manage your products and save time with a set of robust and customizable admin tools, including product search, grid row highlighter, grid thumbnails, persistent catalog grid settings, mass product refresh, quick export and more.
Stay tuned for part 2 that will include 5 great paid modules. Let us know your experiences with these modules and any that you think we missed.

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