November 10, 2011 By Digital Operative,
Fashion and technology don’t always work hand-in-hand (see Steve Jobs’ turtlenecks, Mark Zuckerbergs’ sweatshirts, and Bill Gates’ Flowbee haircut for the past 3 decades) so when fashion and technology do team up in a meaningful way it is important to take note. With this in mind DO is proud to announce the launch of Collective Habit  - a Magento Go eCommerce online womens fashion boutique that offers fashionable must-have clothes and accessories at prices that won’t leave you broke. Collective Habit is a collaboration of the team at DO (special thanks to Chris and Evan) and Kim Lim. The project came together like this - Kim, the founder of Collective Habit, is an avid shopper who was disappointed with the selection of clothing that San Diego had to offer, especially the price points at which the clothing was sold. She was tired of spending more than she wanted on clothes or being forced to purchase mediocre items at a lower cost. She decided enough was enough and wanted to do something about it. Recognizing that other women may be having similar issues Kim started Collective Habit. Collective Habit is an online store where fashionable women won’t have to go broke and feel guilty for shopping because they get such a great deal on quality items. These items are super fashion-forward, but not overly trendy so that there is something for everyone. Kim came to DO with her vision in mind and wanted DO to translate her vision online. The goal of Collective Habit is to create an online community where women can visit a trusted fashion source, find that perfect piece to complete their outfit, and know they got a great value for their clothes. With this goal in mind DO went to work, using our vast knowledge of website development and SEO and leaning on Kim almost entirely for our sense of fashion. The plan was to create an eCommerce site that went above and beyond the typical Magento Go Site. Magento Go is an online platform for small businesses to create their online eCommerce store quickly, efficiently, and have their site look professional. With so many tools and functions within the platform, it’s a great way for smaller businesses to get started. DO made the platform work for the project by pushing the limits of the platform. We were able to produce a uniquely branded website that works well on both the desktop as well as in the mobile environment. DO gave the user a high-end feel on both the mobile and the desktop site, with simplicity that Collective Habit required to provide each piece a chance to shine no matter its price. The site was launched November 7th and can be found at We hope you take the time to check it out. We think you will be impressed that (finally) technology and fashion have come together.

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