September 13, 2012 By evan,
Interbike is the bicycle industry’s premier event, bringing together 750+ companies representing more than 1,200 brands. Digital Operative’s BJ Cook, Adam Levenson and Jamie Tuckey will be attending the Interbike Conference in Las Vegas next week.  Having ridden (and fallen) together on the rocky trails of San Diego, the DO trio is now taking that raw enthusiasm and applying it professionally to the cycling industry as it pertains to digital commerce and the Digital Operative team. "Having just purchased my first full suspension mountain bike, it really opened my eyes to how disjointed the whole customer experience is within the bicycle industry. You spend hours researching online (visiting forums, reading reviews, watching videos) and then visiting countless local bicycle shops that it's pretty overwhelming. We have a good opportunity to engage some key players in the industry and help create a truly holistic experience for the customer that doesn't also just end at the purchase of the bike." says BJ Cook, CEO. While at Interbike, the team is looking to sit down with various brands and gain an understanding of the challenges they are facing. If you are going to Interbike or are in the bicycle industry, drop us a line, and let’s intermingle at Interbike !

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