July 24, 2012 By BJ Cook,

LifeProof, a DO client, was featured on the front page of the San Diego Business Journal this month announcing a new product launch. LifeProof has had a banner year so far, already doubling the number of employees to keep up with their rapid growth. Every month they are doing better and DO is proud to be working with them to help meet their goals. LifeProof has sold over 1 million iPhone cases and CEO Gary Rayner is planning to reach over $1 billion sales by 2016. Because of the success with iPhone cases and great demand, LifeProof is releasing an iPad case later this month. The iPad case (as with the iPhone case) protects from drops up to 2 meters high and is waterproof up to 2 meters below the surface. Imagine watching one of your favorite movies in the pool on your iPad or checking your email on a summer day from the beach. The iPad case also features nüüd naked screen technology, which unlike many other cases does not allow for air to get trapped between the screen and the cover. The nüüd naked screen provides “uncompromising visual clarity and an intimate touch experience”, according to the article. LifeProof continues one of its main beliefs that consumers want a slim but protective case. Rayner believes people pay for the slim design of Apple products and LifeProof extends that to their cases as well. The iPad case’s suggested retail price is $129.99. It is available for pre-order on the website http://www.lifeproof.com/shop/cases/ipad-2/ or in retail locations nationwide http://www.lifeproof.com/distributors-and-resellers. For more information check out the Article in the San Diego Business Journal Vol. 33, #28. * Update on August 8, 2012. Today LifeProof was featured on TechCrunch as one of the top 5 iPhone Cases to bring back to college this coming fall semester. TechCrunch points out that as LifeProof cases are waterproof, shock-resistant, snow-proof and dirt-proof - students won't have to worry about those late night ragers with spilled beer, forgetting it in the ice chest or dropping your iPhone out of your dorm window. LifeProof has your iPhone covered! To read the full article on TechCrunch, click here.

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