November 7, 2013 By BJ Cook,
It’s time to introduce our last Fall intern for 2013 –  Over the course of the next 12 weeks we will focus on bringing you a fresh perspective from our Strategy, Marketing and Design interns on what it’s really like to intern at a digital agency. Today we will introduce our design intern, Krista Gregory…… This is my final year going to school in San Diego.  I have lived in Orange County my whole life until college and grew up going to the beach and hanging out with good family and friends.  Soccer has been my whole life until the beginning of this year when I quit my college soccer career to pursue my bigger passion, design.  I love having the ability to create and solve problems through creativity.  Besides that, I am a big fan of being outside.  I love to surf, rock climb, snowboard, or anything else outside on a beautiful day. 1. Where do you go to School? What is your Major? When do you plan on graduating? I currently attend Point Loma Nazarene University I am a graphic design major with an emphasis in art and design, and plan on graduating in the Spring of 2014. 2. How did you hear about Digital Operative? I heard about Digital Operative from one of my design professors who thought it would be highly beneficial to get some experience in web design (she was right)! 3. What do you hope to learn from your internship? I would love to gain more knowledge of Photoshop and my understanding of how to build a good user experience on a website. 4. 1 week down – 11 to go……How do you feel after your first week of interning? It couldn't get much better than getting caught in a crossfire of a nerf gun war! However, in all honesty the environment here is very welcoming and I’m already learning a ton, which excites me to see how the rest of my weeks here will go. 5. What do you hope to do after completing your internship and graduating from college? After completing this internship and graduating from college I really hope I can get a job doing design work for some type of outdoor company or even design for youth camps. Bottom line, I would LOVE a design job. 6. Tell us something interesting about yourself? I am certified archery instructor.  AKA I am Katniss Everdeen. Krista is one of our sweetest inters to date - she is all about giving back and learning as much as she can

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