October 25, 2013 By BJ Cook,
DO is proud to welcome our Fall class of digital interns. Over the course of the next 12 weeks we will focus on bringing you a fresh perspective from our Strategy, Marketing and Design interns on what it's really like to intern at a digital agency. To start we will focus on DO's newest marketing intern Jessie Hale...... I moved to San Diego three years ago from Portland, Oregon after serving in the Marine Corps. I was stationed in Hawaii for five years, which got me hooked on the sunshine and beach life. I knew when I got out of the military I wanted to continue to live where it was sunny, so obviously when looking for places to move San Diego was an easy choice. Besides being outside in the sun I love to take my dog to the beach, watch basketball and college football (GO BEAVERS!!), play video games, surf, or just sit at home and watch The Notebook with a glass of white wine…Just joking I drink red wine.
1. Where do you go to School? What is your Major? When do you plan on graduating?
I currently go to school at The Art Institute, where I am majoring in Advertising and I graduate in March 2014.
2. How did you hear about Digital Operative?
I heard about Digital Operative from researching digital marketing agencies in San Diego. After checking out the website and doing more research into the agency I knew I wanted to work there.  So when I found out I was invited to be the marketing intern I was stoked.
3. What do you hope to learn from your internship?
I am really focused on learning Google adwords, analytics, PPC, SEO, SEM and pretty much everything and anything in the digital marketing space.
4. 1 week down - 11 to go......How do you feel after your first week of interning?
Honestly I feel really good about it. Don’t get me wrong I was nervous and did not know what to expect, but so far everything has been awesome from the work environment to everyone in the office.
5. What do you hope to do after completing your internship and graduating from college?
Although my degree is in advertising, which has been primarily focused on the creative side of conceptualizing and designing ads I am really more focused in digital marketing. After graduating I hope to continue on the path to working in the digital space.
6. Tell us something interesting about yourself?
I met Chuck Norris.
Jessie is our Marketing intern...making every thing better one faux fur coat at a time!

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