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For years the best way to celebrate Valentine's day was to be like Ralph Wiggum, and simply give the girl or guy you like a card with a picture of a train on it that says “I choo -choo choose you”.  However, digital advancements have revolutionized the way Valentine's Day is experienced. No longer must distance, time or money stand between you and your own Veronica Vaughn. Gifts purchased digitally often last longer, are calorie free, and can be purchased at the last minute. This article looks at three ways to enhance your celebration of  Valentine’s Day this year by using digital advances and the pro’s and con’s associated with each.

1. Gift an App

Don’t want to buy flowers – get your love an app! According to idownloadblog Apple has launched a Valentine's Day Gift Guide, which points you in the right direction for apps to give for Valentine's Day.  This is not purely a nice gesture on Apple’s part, this promotion is in connection with the app gifting feature which Apple is hawking right now. There is an app for almost any interest so as long as your partner has an Apple product there will be something for them. Advantages:
  • Instant delivery
  • Unlike chocolate there is no calories and hence no guilt
  • It was last forever. You don’t have to worry about the App dying like your flowers will
  • You will look cheap
  • She will certainly not be bragging to her friends

2. Videograms

Boring old cards are like the buckles on Pilgrim's hats, you understand that at some point they had a purpose; but in this day and age, why not just buy a baseball hat with snaps. The baseball hat with snaps of the card world is a Valentine Videogram! Mediabistro reported on this new phenomenon and noted that Image Metrics has put out a product that “lets you create Valentine’s Day – themed animations”.  Electronically send your partner an interactive card and avoid the awkward act of physically handing them something. Advantages:
  • Instantly create and send the card in case you forgot it was Valentine’s Day
  • You get to be creative with how you say “Happy Valentine’s Day” and use media to get your point across
  • It is interactive
  • Doesn’t kill any trees
  • Generally digital cards are annoying
  • You don’t get to see the reaction of your partner

3. Order Online

Online is a major disruptive force to traditional in-store Valentine’s Day shopping. According to Monetate, online was the only retail channel to show consistent growth in the past three Valentine’s Days. Any gift under the sun can be ordered online: from traditional Valentine’s Day gifts like flowers or chocolates to non traditional Valentine’s Day gifts like a life jacket or a Nintendo Power Glove. Advantages:
  • You don't have to leave the house
  • No parking tickets
  • If it doesn’t fit, its not your fault because you never saw it in the store
  • It is awesome to find an unexpected package for you
  • The gift might not get there in time
  • You often have to pay shipping
  • Your partner might not check the mail or be home for the delivery person
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