March 13, 2013 By BJ Cook,
I began my internship with DO just two weeks ago. Thus far, the experience has been a complete overhaul of my preconceived notions of what goes on in a digital marketing agency. DO has the usual office fixtures: desks, computers and chairs. However, the similarities stop there. At DO the CEO feels comfortable siting on the ground. There are always toys lying around. One of the developers just whizzed past me riding a scooter on his way to the foosball table. This place is not normal. While it seemed like madness at first I’m starting to see method in it.  The relaxed culture promotes teamwork and collaboration. Its okay to stand up, stretch your legs, and see what your coworkers are doing. Better yet, engage them and learn something new. The tasks here are unique and the solutions for problems don’t necessarily exist. The staff must creatively solve these quandaries and this process takes a different way of thinking. Creativity cannot be forced. It has to be fostered and grown.  The staff here has to be relaxed in order to do their jobs more efficiently and meet the client’s business goals.  DO has worked hard to appear to not be working hard. This company is serious about its culture. I think I fit right in. *Christopher Konecki is DO's newest Design Intern. He's a respected artist and a snazzy dresser

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