December 24, 2013 By BJ Cook,
DO always gets into the holiday spirit and this year was no different. We had a Toys for Tots - Toy drive in the office, Our Annual holiday potluck, Ugly Christmas Sweater contest, DOey Awards, Gift Exchange and DO elf who was keeping tabs on us the entire time... Here is a little glimpse into our office life over the last few weeks:

Toys For Tots

We decided to partner up with Uber and participate in the #UberSleigh Toy Drive. DO prides themselves on giving back to the community and we like that our employees are just as generous. We had so much fun buying toys and seeing the gifts multiply under the tree. We were the last stop for the #UberSleigh and they were  amazed at how many gifts we had collected!

DO Gift Exchange

Every year - we DO a gift exchange...and this year was no different. Pick a number and open a gift - you can steal...but, a gift can only be stolen twice. We all had a blast doing the gift exchange. Unfortunately for BJ, he drew first. Which means every gift he picked was stolen and in the end....He was left with a talking Parrot!

Ugly Sweater Party

Every year, we do an Ugly Christmas sweater contest. This year we had an employee who really out did herself....She walked in and the contest was already over....She wasn't wearing an Ugly Christmas Sweater, but she was dressed like a Christmas tree. #winning

DOey Awards

A few years ago, BJ and Adam created the DOey awards - These awards are given to every employee and each person is recognized for something different and fun that they are known for throughout the office....For instance - I always wear a snuggie in the office, because I am cold 365 days a year. So, my name was "Queen Snuggie"....We also had, The "Paleo-tologist", "Diet Coke and Dispositions", "Hollywood" and "Bourbon for Breakfast" just to name a few.

DO Elf

And just for fun....we have the DO elf that watches over us every year to make sure we are on our best behavior - here are a couple of our favorite shots from this Holiday season with DO:

This year was a blast at DO - we can hardly wait to see what 2014 has in store for us!

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