May 7, 2013 By BJ Cook,
I've read some bold promises from marketing automation software throughout the years. They all seem to promise the same thing… sit back, relax and let our little bot make you look like the rock star of the marketing department. Sayings like, 'it's cheaper, it's faster, it's easier, it's more profitable become commonplace in every sales pitch. I've been through enough of these pitches throughout my tenure that I've grown a sixth sense at cutting through the crap and getting down to what's really important. When our agency first deployed Kenshoo, we were excited about the possibility, but still guarded about setting expectations that were unachievable. Well after 90 days of using the tool, I'm afraid I might sound like the very sales pitches I warned you about in the first paragraph. In my opinion, Kenshoo is simply the most effective way to manage your search campaigns, period. Kenshoo has allowed us to scale our international search efforts without scaling our team. Before we ventured down the road of bid management, our team was reaching a ceiling of what was possible for our current staff. There just weren’t enough hours in the day, and the thought of scaling to a larger buy without more people was daunting. We explored the efficiencies that Kenshoo brought to the table right away. We were relentless in our ramp up education, and we quickly found hours in productivity that previously escaped us. Updating landing page URLs, ad copy, adjusting bids, initiating new campaigns, and managing our placements became streamlined with Kenshoo Enterprise. Fast forward to today and I can say our ROI is better because of Kenshoo's performance optimization (KPO) utility. I can say our billable hours are more efficient for our clients because of the gains in efficiency we've realized. While I am sure Marin and Adobe have strong products, it was ultimately this report by Forrester that influenced our decision. 4 months in, we don't have any regrets and we're pleased with where our search initiatives are headed. If you're on the fence about utilizing Kenshoo in your organization, I'd be happy to share our results and even a few tips on how you can ramp up quickly. Just drop a note in the comments, we'd be happy to help.

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