January 28, 2013 By adamlu,
Tony the Tiger says your site looks “Grrreeeat!” it’s up on the interwebs, but the people on the internet are like Honey Badger – they don’t care. After all of the work and effort in branding, content, design and development there are few things as frustrating as low/no traffic to a site.  Where are all the people? Where is this stampede of traffic you were promised by the internet? Sadly, the internet no longer works on the premise that just because a site is live, people will visit it.  To solve this low traffic/no traffic problem we use the skills, tactics and strategies from digital marketing (woot woot digital marketing!) Using the internet to your unfair advantage takes practice and know-how, but there are some general practices to get people to come to your site. I am here to help. So without further ado:

Here are three ways to get people to come to your site!

1. Create content

If you don’t have a blog on your site then hop in a Delorean, go 88 mph, and start one yesterday – it is that important.  Here is why: Google is like a good baker, they are interested in freshness.  New blog posts rank higher, as Google sees them as more timely and relevant to the end user than static pages. Additionally, a good blog is interesting and thought provoking; these two traits make people want to read more. Additionally a good blog post with a great headline has good click through rates, which means more traffic on your site. If you want to get people to come to your site you must constantly create high quality content. Some additional benefits of a blog:
  1. It gives your brand a personality.
  2. Articles can rank for terms that your overall site would normally be unable to rank for.

2. Use social media

Social media is a great way to get people to come to your site. The key strategy to social media is to build your audience through interaction. If your social media is just a one-way push and there is no give and take, users will not see the value. Do not just push your own content without considering what others have posted. As  users interact with your brand and your links (which you can use to send them back to the blog), they will be more likely to visit your main site and become customers. In addition to sending traffic to your site, added benefits of social media include:
  1. Research – You are able to hear what customers are saying about your product. Use this both to satisfy unhappy customers, as well as learn what it is that your customers like or dislike about your company.
  2. Cultivate evangelists – Social media is a place where word of mouth marketing flourishes. By cultivating brand evangelists you will have the most effective form of advertising available – real people talking to people they know and trust about your product.

3. Utilize PPC

PPC (pay per click) can be a little overwhelming (fortunately Digital Operative offers fantastic PPC services!). PPC is one of the best ways to get people to visit your site. When using PPC your ad is able to jump over more powerful sites like Fonz jumping the shark to send that traffic to your site. By utilizing PPC you have the ability to rank for any term that you chose and pick which page you will send the user to. You can expect a good chunk of traffic if PPC is done correctly, but as the name implies you will have to pay for it. Adam Lundquist wants to send people to your site. Connect with Adam on Google+.

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