May 29, 2013 By Adam,
Magneto San Diego EcommerceHere at DO I've been assigned the task of pursuing a Magento Certification. Being a Magento Certified Developer has its benefits as outlined in the official website. Here are a few highlights:
-Increase your value and income -Showcase your team's qualifications -Gain additional knowledge through preparation and training
-Differentiate yourself from the competition


So once you accept the challenge you may ask yourself a few questions: Where do I start? What will I need?Is it going to take long? While I can't answer the latter, to aid you in your quest, I've created a simple bullet list outlining the plan of attack:
1) Start by getting yourself a copy of the Magento Official Guide 2) The guide itself is just a list of topics, from which you will then have to go out into the wild to research each.  No worries though, Magento has a decent userbase, so finding some relevant articles shouldn't be a problem.  I recommend you reference this blog as you go through the topics, as a few of them are addressed directly here. 3)  Sadly, theory can only get you so far.  Inevitably, you will have to practice all the shiny new things your'e learning about, so I recommend that you get a copy of the Magento source code, and start tweaking and applying the new concepts as you pick them up. 4) Preparation might take awhile. The process of learning certainly cannot be rushed. Take your time to learn the concepts thoroughly, have fun, and feel free to put it off to the side when your mind gets overloaded. Sometimes coming back to a problem later, is the best solution. 5) Take the test.  Report back here with your findings :)
Are you already a Magento Certified Developer? Got any tips to share? Gregorio is a Web Developer at DO and on his way to Magento Certification

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