February 8, 2013 By BJ Cook,
Information Architecture and design The second annual World IA Day is this Saturday in Los Angeles and here at DO we’re really looking forward to it!  It looks like there is an awesome lineup of speakers that I’m eager to hear. World IA Day is designed to help us understand the if/when/how architecture and design converge, as discussed by the leading UX minds in our area.  It’s a single day where 15 cities around the world are holding conferences to understand and talk about Information Architecture.  Oh yea, and it’s FREE. Some things to look forward to: 1. Getting up at 6am to take a limo bus to LA with the San Diego UX Speakeasy group. 2. Workshops - seeing what interesting methods other professionals are employing. 3. What people’s opinions are on the cross-over of IA, UX and IxD. 4. Being surrounded by like-minded people passionate about IA and UX. 5. Falling asleep on the bus ride back from LA. Program Details: 9:30 am -   Event registration, refreshments, networking 10:00 am - Intro and Special Thanks 10:30 am - Aaron Irizarry - Communicating IA 10:50 am - David Fiorito - Wayfinding 11:10 am - Break 11:20 am - Greg Nudelman (via Remote) Designing Mobile Magic Moments 11:40 am - Q&A 12:10 pm - Lunch 1:00 pm - Chris Chandler & Lynn Boyden - Co-mentoring 1:40 pm - Workshop: Co-Mentoring in Practice
  • Chris Chandler - UX Director, Walt Disney Company
  • Lynn Boyden - IA, USC Info Tech
  • Aaron Irizarry – EX Design, HP
  • Eric Reiss - Chairman/CEO FatDUX group
  • Damir Davidovic - CEO, Neogov.com
  • Alberta Soranzo - Speaker IAI Summit 2013
  • Priyanka Kakar - CX Design Manager, Vanguard
  • William Larsen - UX Director, HRCloud.com
  • Brendan Bolton-Klinger - EX Lead, Huge
2:50 pm - Break 3:00 pm - Eric Reiss - Endnote Wrap-up 3:25 pm - Q&A 3:55 pm - Final Remarks and Gratitude 4:30 pm - Informal Reception at The Glendon BIG shout out to the IA Institute for sponsoring and all the volunteers up in LA area and around that are coming together to put on this free event!  This is not only growing our UX community but also sharing methods and practices to make our growing community a stronger one. More to come...

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