June 11, 2014 By Digital Operative,
It’s that time of year again and we have to say “see you later” to one of our interns…..Or DO we?! James was the Social Media & Marketing intern for DO over the last 12+ weeks and we are so glad we had the opportunity to work with him as an intern. We asked James to answer a few questions about his experience and this is what he had to say: 1. Now that you’ve completed you internship – How would you define Digital Marketing? Digital marketing is the promotion of a product or service via any form of electronic media. Whether it is via social media, web or mobile, digital marketing differs from traditional marketing because it can be tracked in real-time to determine what works, and what doesn’t. 2. How was your role crucial to the success of the agency? From contributing to the management of our agency social media channels, to creating content for our agency blog, I felt my role was mostly crucial in the success of the agency's online presence. 3. Who were your mentors at DO and how did you like working with them? Nikki was my mentor for the most part, but I also had the opportunity to learn analytics from Dan the Man Greco and social media monitoring from the Spaniard, Alvaro. Working with Nikki was fun, entertaining and more importantly, extremely beneficial to my growth as a marketer. 4. What did you learn from your internship? Well, I definitely learned to keep it under 140 characters or less. So I'm going to try to do that here..."From social media mgmt, to content creation and curation, analytics and even work-life balance, @digitaloperativ, has taught me a ton!" That was 135 characters mind you. 5. What were a few of your favorite memories while interning for DO? Traversing San Diego with Fatheads creating badass Vines was definitely a memory I won't forget. Thankfully, I was also able to produce tangible content that will be online for like--ever--so I'd say creating content and composing tweets all the time are also things I'll remember. 6. Would you recommend the internship program to your classmates? AB.SO.LUTLEY. Because of the work the spring class of interns has put in the past few months, the future of DO's internship program looks really promising. Also, the agency is growing quick and any young marketer should jump at the opportunity to join the DO team. 7. You’re finished……Now what? Good question. Because I love to learn and "diversify my portfolio," I'm going to hit the job market like an open book. Whether or not I stay in San Diego, I ideally would like to land at an agency or startup that understands social business, values creativity and would allow me to do what I love most, write. We are going to miss James - he brought creativity and great ideas everyday. He was up for the challenge and was always looking to better himself as a marketer. He was a great asset to the marketing team and fit into the DO family seamlessly. Good Luck James, we know you're going to be a rock star!

Wait....James, before you go.....Can you get us coffee?*

*don't worry, James never had to get us coffee...our mugs are still empty!

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