February 12, 2014 By BJ Cook,
It's that time of year again and we have to say "see you later" to one of our interns.....Or DO we?! Steven was the Strategy and planning intern for DO over the last 12+ weeks and we are so glad we had the opportunity to work with him as an intern. We asked Steven to answer a few questions about his experience and this is what he had to say:

1. Now that you've completed you internship - How would you define Digital Marketing?

Well, I'm still learning all that goes on with Digital Marketing, but what I do know is that digital marketing, compared to traditional marketing, is more than just a different medium: digital marketing is rich with data, trends, testing, and perfecting - It drills down to the individual consumer level. It's effective, exciting and constantly changing and I look forward to changing along with it.

2. How was your role crucial to the success of the Agency?

I had my hands on a number of projects while interning and am confident that my efforts helped our clients which in turns helps the agency. To that, one client called out an area that I prepared on my own as one of the strongest parts of our presentation!

3. Who were your mentors at DO and How did you like working with them?

Eric was my supervisor and I truly consider him a mentor: he is thorough, patient and understanding and I feel that he genuinely cared for my professional growth. He and I worked very well together, having similar research-supported, fact-based approaches.

4. What did you learn from your internship?

That foosball is a way of life and Friday morning bagels are not to be missed. But seriously, I've learned so much-- everything from terminology to business practices--that it's impossible to condense.

5. What were a few of your favorite memories while interning for DO?

I happened to be interning while DO had their 5 year anniversary and was invited to attend the celebration. It was definitely memorable seeing the DO employees just be people and all have a great (alcohol-fueled) time together.

6. Would you recommend the internship program to your classmates?

Absolutely. In order to get into an agency, having agency experience is paramount, and this would be the agency to do it: It's relaxed yet professional, lively yet productive, and casual yet successful.

7. You're finished......Now what?

Well, truthfully, while I was interning at DO I was in talks with another agency as well as a few recruiters to see what opportunities were out there, but I am glad to report that I am no longer in talks with any of them because DO was ready to bring someone on and that person is me! As my internship concludes, I am going through the process of becoming a full-time employee of DO. Like any internship, there is no guarantee of employment, but if you work hard (and if timing is right) landing a job is a definite possibility.

Welcome to the DO Team!!!!

8. What's your new role with DO?

I will continue working in the Strategy & Planning department as an Account Planner, serving as a primary point of contact for a handful of clients, providing them data, trends and facts about all things digital, but I will also have a place in the marketing team, lending research-based insight to them in their stage of the process.

9. What are you looking forward to?

Getting started! I've been so eager to jump in and keep learning all there is to know about digital marketing practices, trends and results and helping clients use that information to grow their businesses. When do I start? Oh, that's right... today! We are excited to officially welcome Steven to the DO family! We know he is going to be an asset to the team and we are beyond thrilled that we get to watch him grow and develop as our new Account Planner. Welcome to the team Steven, now....get to work!

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