December 15, 2014 By Digital Operative,
Prepare yourself for this exciting news, users and Marketers. Twitter has given everyone access to their own Twitter Analytics, it's no longer just for advertisers and verified users. As long as a users account is not protected or suspended, at least active for 14 days, users have full access to the service according to Twitter’s support page. Now users are able to “measure and boost [their] impact on Twitter [in real time]”. It gets better…it’s absolutely free and all Twitter users have to do is simply sign in with their usual Twitter handle and password. Once logged in, you are able to see three essential areas:
Tweet Activity
In this section, measuring engagement in real time and learning how to make Tweets more successful are seen. Impressions, the number of times people saw the Tweet on Twitter, engagements, and engagement rates are readily available in this area. There’s also a calendar that lets users select a date range so you can focus on a specific time period. If users want to export their data, they can by simply clicking the "Export data" button in the top right, and a file in Excel will appear.
Discover the different interests, locations, and demographics of your followers, as well as follower growth over time. Here users can also see whom the top-most followed people their Twitter followers are following.
Twitter Cards
Explore and track how your Twitter Cards drive clicks, app installs, and retweets. Why use Twitter Analytics? Why not! The platform is completely free and being able to look deep into Tweets and what they mean to other people can help users tailor some tweets to create larger engagement. Twitter can be used for multiple reasons, but if some reasons include growing followers or interaction, Twitter just gave you the perfect tool to do so. Here at DO we have a very strong Social Media Marketing team, and can service your company way beyond analytics. Contact us about anything digital and let’s get started!

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