October 23, 2014 By Alyssa,
Calling all advertisers and marketers! Facebook recently relaunched Atlas, its new and improved ad network that lets you place ads across the web AND mobile devices, directly targeting consumers needs and interests. Facebook purchased Atlas from Microsoft in 2013 for $100 million and totally reformed the matrix.
So Why The Reformation And Relaunch?
Well, Mark Zuckerberg and the Facebook team first took a great liking to what Atlas provided, being an extensive tracking platform, and perfected it. Atlas can now track people with cross-device reporting capabilities.
How Does Atlas Work?
When you’re logged into your Facebook account, Atlas has the ability to utilize user data to place ads on Facebook, and all other networks you’re running, whether it be on the web or on your smartphone. And wait, there’s more, “With built-in targeting and measurement capabilities, Atlas can also connect online campaigns with offline sales to help marketers assess the effectiveness of their ads”, noted Erik Johnson head of the new Facebook service.
A Marketers Perspective
You can say that Atlas is a dream come true, just ask anyone in the advertising or marketing department! Advertisers and marketers now have a useful tool that can perfect audience-targeting, a viable alternative to to Google’s AdWords. Tracking consumer data across many devices and browsers by tracing cookies on mobile, has proven quite the challenge; Atlas serves as the problem solution since it uses “people-based marketing”.
Should Consumers Be Concerned?
When users or consumers hear that some instrument is using data collected from them, people tend to get a little anxious. But rest assured, Atlas is “done anonymously and on an aggregated audience basis” said Greg Sterling, vice president of strategy and insights for the Local Search Association. Our marketing team here at DO knows a lot about Social Media Marketing. If you have any questions or need help with anything digital, don’t hesitate to drop us a line!  

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