November 21, 2014 By Seth,
Let’s face it…We all find ourselves using social media at work. Whether it’s chatting on Facebook, scrolling through Instagram, or trying to catch up with the latest events on Twitter, we’re all guilty of it. But where do we (or our bosses) draw the line? Rumors have surfaced about Facebook creating a more professional, work-centered product called Facebook at Work. But honestly, how does that really sound? If you’re using Facebook as a marketing tactic to promote a product or service, it’s totally understandable. I mean, that’s exactly what marketers and advertisers are looking for. Companies need to know how their competitors are communicating their message through social media networks and it just so happens that Facebook is one of the top social media networks in use. But haven’t we been instilled with the idea that “Facebook at work” is a big no-no and a huge waste of time? Yes, on occasion, it’s your go-to-solution during a really long day and, feeling sluggish after lunch, you log onto Facebook around 1 o’clock(ish) and time travel 4 hours ahead to 5 and you can finally go home. At this point who knows where the line is drawn... Where does that leave the networks that aren't frowned upon at work, the ones that actually get used for legitimate work reasons, like Google Drive, LinkedIn or Slack? Is Facebook trying to become the Walmart of social media by being your one-stop-shop for your personal and professional social media needs? And if so, is this even what we want? We are definitely a prime example of an indecisive species, who don’t understand what we want until it’s delivered to us on a silver platter. And even then, most of the time our attitude is “I’ll be the judge of that.” Now, I’m just playing devil’s advocate…but... What if this could make things more simple? What if “Facebook at Work” is the answer to all of our prayers, the common ground between personal and professional social media use? Maybe Facebook becoming an aggregator social media site is that thing we didn't even know we wanted. Just imagine… “Facebook at Work” actually making your job easier. That would be a dream come true, at least for the marketers and advertisers. Will it be a seamless way to tap into your desired audience? Could you have the resources to not only communicate your message but obtain accurate user data to do so? We will be able to expand our Business development efforts from LinkedIn on to Facebook... or will we? Will this take off the way Facebook hopes it to? Will this rival LinkedIn or will this be a failed attempt like Twitter Music or Facebook Sponsored Stories? So many questions... But, the most important question is, can Facebook give us the best of both worlds? Let us know what you think, and per our usual CTA -- If you need any help redefining your social marketing or building the best social strategy, don't hesitate to drop us a line.  

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