November 3, 2014 By Alyssa,
It’s that time again where we tap into our series, “12 weeks – what it’s really like to intern for a digital agency”  and welcome our Fall class of digital interns. Over the course of the next 12 weeks we will focus on bringing you a fresh perspective from our Strategy, Marketing and Design interns on what it’s really like to intern at a digital agency. To start we will focus on DO’s Digital Marketing Intern, Seth Lafon.  Hi y’all! My name is Seth and I’m the new digital marketing intern here at DO. I’m 27 and I hail from the beautiful state of Virginia. I grew up in a small country town on the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, but since I can remember, I’ve always craved the city life. In 2006 I decided to enlist in the Air Force. The military didn’t run in my family so this was new to them as well, and let’s just say my mom wasn’t thrilled about the idea, but that was to be expected.
I love you mom, and your boy turned out okay!
The Air Force was a cool experience. I was able to travel to some incredible places like Germany, which was my favorite, Abu Dhabi and Dubai, both were incredible places. After the first half of my enlistment though, I started getting bored with the military...Eating from the government’s silver spoon is definitely an acquired taste. Shortly after my enlistment, I found my way into advertising. Having never stepped a foot in California, I packed my bags and moved across the country to San Diego to finish school. When I’m not doing digital marketing at Digital Operative, you can find me hunting for sneakers and fashion, I’m borderline obsessed with brands. I’m a bit of a movie snob and I love scouting out delicious places to eat. Soccer, football and basketball are the major sports I care about. I enjoy going out with friends and I’m constantly itching to make my next travel plans or buy my next concert tickets.
Where do you go to School? What is your Major? When do you plan on graduating?
I am currently a senior at the Art Institute in San Diego majoring in Advertising, and I’m set to graduate this December.
How did you hear about Digital Operative?
I was scouring San Diego to find my next internship and came across Digital Operative. After seeing that they worked with clients such as Otterbox, Soccer Loco, Feeding America, LEGOLAND, Surfrider Foundation and Stussy, it was a no brainer, I had to find a in to this place. Luckily I’m a member of the San Diego Ad Club and Ad 2; I sent them my resume and heard back from Digital Operative a couple days later… shout-out to Laura and Lisa.
What do you hope to learn from your internship?
I hope learn as much that as possible. With everything going digital I would really like to understand the depths of successful digital marketing (primarily on the account side) and try to get my hands in some social media as well.
1 week down - 11 to go......How do you feel after your first week of interning?
So far it’s been great! It’s a cool creative, open space and everyone here is super cool!
What do you hope to do after completing your internship and graduating from college?
After my internship at Digital Operative I would love to get a job at an ad agency or work in-house for one of my favorite brands.
Tell us something interesting about yourself?
When I was younger my dad played bass guitar professionally for a group called the Statler Brothers (don’t worry, most people don’t know this band) and I use to go on tour with them, like on an actual tour bus. So I guess you can say I’ve toured with a band.   We're happy to have Seth as our Fall Intern. He comes into work everyday with a positive outlook and great energy -- Welcome to the team Seth. 

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