June 16, 2014 By Digital Operative,
This June, let us all come together to celebrate our world's oceans. After all, it's kind of an order from President Obama. According to a Presidential Proclamation released at the end of May, President Obama has officially named June as National Oceans Month. So, because we here at DO (actually, everyone in San Diego) love our oceans, we included a brief list of things you can do this month to embrace our oceans, and support National Oceans Month.
  • Make a promise to impact our oceans in a positive way. Whether it's cutting out plastic water bottles, or consuming more sustainable foods, just make a promise and stay true to it. Click here for a list of possible promises you can make.
  • Send Congress a message to support full implementation of the National Ocean Policy. A Presidential Proclamation means a lot, but the people's voice means more. To support the cause, click here.
  • Get out in the water and surf on June 20. Take a Selfie for the Sea and tag it #ISD14
  • Donate by purchasing things like "Me to We" style t-shirts, renewable energy credits or junk mail eliminators. Donations start at just $10!
  • Follow the Our Ocean 2014 conference June 16-17, hosted by Secretary of State John Kerry.

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